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One Love Summer: We danced to Reggae rhythms

Summer without Reggae rhythms  is unthinkable so we present you  One Summer Festival with our look ...

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I got to the Riding Club without much difficulty, at 19:30. The world at the time was minimal and looked relaxed and mostly sitting in front of the stage where the live was about to begin.

As we stated in a previous article there were 2 stages of the One Love  Festival with live performances and One Summer Festival with Dj Sets. For One summer stage there is not much to say. Originally some music was played, but there were no people. Concluded that the idea was not to have two separate stages where there would be parallel performances, but to have some background music between the gaps of the live appearances.

The photos belong to Anna Evangelopoulou

As far as the place where the Festival was held it was easy accessible and ideal for the crowd of people gathered eventually.

Let's see how the night unfolded in detail on the One Love Stage.

Anna Mystic & Stefanatty
19:45 - 20:20

In the afternoon we started with Anna Mystic and Stefanatty and unfortunately we did not manage to see the appearances before them. Traveled from Thessaloniki to give us moments filled with reggae sounds. The sound was fine, the singer on a permanent move and the female vocals were pleasantly relaxed. Special moment when first presented to the public the brand new track "Reborn". The audience was initially numb, but then "got hot".


20:55 - 21:25

That was the time for the numerous and colorful Fundracar. Apart from traditional instruments here would have the trumpet and saxophone which predisposed us to what would follow. Timidly have moved closer to the scene and multiplied.
The beginning was quite loud and the song "Cops and Drugs". The welcome was  warm enough and Fundracar thanked us by giving us their best. The variations in the rate, the transfer from reggae to indie sounds and the combination of Greek and foreign verse made their presence very interesting.

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21:50 - 23:05

Shortly before ten, after prior necessary sound check, next was a German Gentleman with a seven-members band that is called Evolution. Indeed, several times it  was cheered as "the Instrument Evolution".


He started with a song that was originally rock with strong drums and then took  the familiar reggae rhythm. The moods of the public had gone sky high and we all moved to the rhythm of the tracks. The Gentleman  was literally a gentleman. He created a nice atmosphere with the audience and we  reciprocated.

Gentleman As time passed by, the audience became more hot! At this point I want to mention the awesome vocals by the two girls and the very soul rhythm tracks that were heard. Finally, a factor which made it even more special to the music of Gentleman is that several tracks were not heard, but  were felt pure reggae.

For example he began a song only with keys followed by a solo bass and electric guitar and then followed the rest of the band and all these together gave us a wonderful reggae feeling. The songs that stood out was the Evolution and On the top.

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www.myspace.com / gentleman


23:40 - 01:15

Having taken a little break, closing the evening was carried by Capleton or otherwise called Fire Man. He is well known in the reggae scene and  has defended the value of it for several years.


In yesterday's appearance I can say that it was the most intense presence of the evening. With several tense music and an essential element of the drums Capleton Capleton has become one with the  crowd. He was pretty impressive, dancing nonstop and has convinced us that the stage was his! He was in constant contact with the public and along all the songs he was calling us to repeat his words.

Quite important moment was towards the end the song Mama and Papa.
In conclusion, it is known that the sound of Capleton does not differentiate much and this may have been a little tiring for those who knew him less.

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