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See the video of “Heathen Child” by Grinderman!

The video below is unfit for minors, but highly enjoyable! Introducing "Heathen Child" from Grinderman!

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HeathenChild If you have not seen the new video by Grinderman, you have not seen anything!

We had informed you on the album the Grinderman are releasing, "Grinderman 2" , on 13 September , as well as the first single from the album, "Heathen Child" , which will be released on 6 September and then we have shown mini clips from commercials, directed by John Hillcoat, that had appeared in You Tube for promotion.

The clips were just a small glimpse of the video just released by the band that really can not be described!

Your astonished eyes will see Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos dressed in ancient Greek armor, or pointing small and large weapons, Nick Cave as Krishna, wolves, werewolves, possessed girls and a lot of other things we can not describe, a five-minute thriller (or farce) directed naturally by Hillcoat.

We'll let you enjoy it, with the warning that the video is unfit for minors!

Grinderman - Heathen Child

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