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Lizz Wright's fourth album

Just like in previous albums, Lizz Wright returns to her roots. The gospel ...
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Just like in previous albums, Lizz Wright returns to her roots. In the gospel ... and religious hymns of black people where the blues sprang from. Wright in the 12 tracks of the album, sings like breathing. Puts feeling from the beginning to the end of each song. She remembers and relives moments. From the parish of her pastor father, where she played piano and started singing at the age of six.

Along with her, the compositions and vocals, this soundtrack of childhood age: Angelique Kidjo , Joan as Policewoman , but the Bernice Reagon , old activist of the 60s in the U.S.. And while Wright «returns to a chunk of her life, that gives her power to do anything", in "Fellowship" beside the classic gospel to which she was raised, such as "Amazing Grace" and "Sweeping Through the City ", remixes of the singles" Presence Of The Lord "of Eric Clapton and "In From The Storm" of Jimi Hendrix stand out.

What does she say about that? "The gospel, literally were my first words. That's how I learned to talk. To care for others and to show it. And this might be the deeper meaning of music".

The album "Felloship" is released by Universal Music on September 20


Born in Atlanta, Lizz Wright first appeared in 2002 in a tribute to Billie Holiday and riveted the audience. With "Salt", 2003, was at No. 2 in billboard. In 2005, the "Dreaming wide awake" sent her to the top. The third album, "The orchard" made the difference. And while everyone was swaying to the cut rhythm of "My heart" one of the biggest hits in Greek radio, the international media spoke of «a dance full of challenge hints and allusions to the dark side of Jennifer López». The El País called  Lizz Wright: "VOICE" while the universal success "got dimensions of planetary phenomenon".