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T.Yorke, M.Ronson & D.Cameron: 2 minutes quiet

The frontman of Radiohead, Mark Ronson and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron are joining forces to create an unusual single, which will consist of a two-minute.... silence.
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Thom Yorke, Mark Ronson, David Cameron meet Bryan Ferry, Bob Hoskins and tennis star Andy Murray in their effort to support the single "2 Minute Silence" except that none of the above will use his vocal chords in the piece.

Actually they'll participate in a video, in which will parade a number of celebrities that their sole role is to stand respectfully in front of the camera in honor of Day Memory of Great Britain (day dedicated to the sacrifices of the armed forces of the country).

The single will be available for download from 7 November.

For more information visit the relevant page on facebook : facebook.com / poppysingle2010 and the link .

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