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These New Puritans-Hidden: Τhe album of 2010 for ΝΜΕ

The "Hidden" from the headliners of Plissken Festival, These New Puritans is the album of the year for NME.
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The beaty post-punkers These New Puritans with their album "Hidden" managed to make a sound step forward from "Beat Pyramid" or rather, were forced to "move away" from their original style. The result of this tactic was to gain the best reviews and the first place in the category «album of the year» by music magazine NME, among big names such as Arcade Fire and Beach House.

The list of 10 best albums of 2010 was shaped by NME, as follows:

1. These New Puritans - "Hidden"
2. Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"
3. Beach House - "Teen Dream"
4. LCD Soundsystem - "This Is Happening"
5. Laura Marling - "I Speak Because I Can"
6. Foals - "Total Life Forever"
7. Zola Jesus - "Stridulum II"
8. Salem - "King Night"
9. Liars - "Sisterworld"
10. The Drums - "The Drums"

You can see the complete list here .

From the almost militaristic style of "We Want War" to the soothing effect of "White Chords", the album "Hidden" is now officially the music discovery of 2010. Thus, the joy and the price is double for us to watch them live at All Star Stage of Plisskën Festival, a group expected to write its own history in music reality and lead us to new audio tracks. These New Puritans for sure!

More about Plissken Festival 2010 here and tickets here .

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