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The Sonics @ Gagarin 03.12.2010

Sometimes it is better to give the opportunity to people who love one band to describe their impressions of a concert.
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Sometimes it is better to give the opportunity to people who love a band to describe their impressions of a concert. Our reader Costas Stavrou sent us the following review of the concert of Sonics at Gagarin last Friday and we thank you for this!

Having experienced the previous visit of Sonics in Athens and the manner in which they literally shook our brains off, I was sure that this year's show at Gagarin would again be unique and magnificent!

Even though I find it disturbing that
all the dinosaurs of the '60s and '70s are flocking to our country  for concerts, with bands like Sonics, the Love of Arthur Lee and Roky Erickson (who played the next night at the same place) I  must revise my opinion on what is "authentic" garage, psych, rock n 'roll or whatever it is called, because those gentlemen were very superior to my expectations and even more than that, judging by the reactions of the public, as well.

Unfortunately, due to late entry into Gagarin I did not have time to watch the first support group "Down & Out", but from who I've heard praising words from my friends and acquaintances who I met there. For the garage girl group "Meanie Geanies", with apologies to those who find them entertaining, but personally I could not wait for them to finish. So after several hours of waiting and specifically 15' after midnight,
the "huge" Sonics went on stage for a garage rock n 'roll party such as those familiar to the group!!

TheSonics With the same composition as the last show and the original members Larry Parypa, Rob Lind, Gerry Roslie accompanied by the also veterans Freddie Dennis and Ricky Lynn Johnson, the Sonics for about one and a half hour made us live in absolute time warp! With a set-list from across the spectrum of their music history, we have heard, among other, the "He's Waiting", "Boss Hoss", "Have Love, Will Travel", "Lucille", "Louie Louie" and some new tracks (I managed to remember a single title "Cheap Shades") from their new album, "8" released this year by their own company "Sonics Records Co". It's a bit difficult to pick out certain moments of the night as it was a concert to enjoy from start to finish and one favorite song followed another.

But if you must mention some highlights from this show, pieces -anthems such as "Cinderella", "Strychnine", "Psycho" and " The Witch ", were those that made even the last on the back of the club to dance!

Simple, natural, essential, touching and polite on stage, the Sonics are still here proving that indeed this is one of the most important and influential groups in the history of rock'n'roll! However, the large "bump" would come the next night with one of the best concerts of the year and more ...!

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