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Record Shuffle: 10 soul – funk albums for the year 2010

Dimitris Katsourinis presents new soul - funk (and not only) releases and at times driven by memories, some favorite recordings of the past ...
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4. 10 soul - funk albums for 2010 ...
... randomly. If they escaped your attention, you should spend a little of your time on them.

SHARON JONES & THE DAP - KINGS - I Learned the Hard Way (Daptone)

Having now seen the universal acceptance and having passed successfully to audiences outside the soul - funk microcosm, they returned this year with their fourth consecutive album. An informal ride on the timeless values - virtues of the soul, a diamond that can comfortably stand alongside the great albums of Stax, the Motown, the Philadelphia International ... The experiential interpretation of Sharon Jones and perfectionists Dap - Kings built in reverence the background noise. The 12 tracks flow effortlessly into a disk that does not want to end. Too bad we haven't seen them live ... the memories from their show three years ago at the Gagarin (summer 2008) are still strong.

Playlist - Track 1 : I Learned The Hard Way
The title track with impressive horns and fantastic game between main and supporting vocals.

THE BUDOS BAND - The Budos Band III (Daptone)

Difficult to put them in a category. Ethio, soul, funk, psychedelia, rock ... None of this and all together ... The music breaks labels and dividing lines, aimed both at heart, brain and legs. In their third full album, the groove remains undiminished, the wind instruments and the organ lead the melodies and of course, exploration and experimentation are the spearhead. Strap yourself to an unforgettable journey ...

Playlist - Track 2: Unbroken, Unshaven
The track most heard and one of the most charming spots of the travel.

DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND feat THE DIPLOMETTES - What Goes Around Comes Around (Record Kicks)

They come from Iowa and started their career with the ambition to master rhythmic structures inherited from the Booker T & The MG's. In the course they added to the vocals Diplomettes - this is the second album they release together. The references to 60's are evident. Upcoming funk and melodic songs - playful soul type references Ronettes and Supremes, adorn the "What Goes Around Comes Around". There are also some subtle touches of garage rock. The final result is a dynamic and heard - danced from beginning to end ...

Playlist - Track 3: BOOGALOO
Explosive start to the album, eventful start to the current concerts.

KINGS GO FORTH - The Outsiders Are Back (Luaka Bop)

Originating from Milwaukee and in 2010 released the first comprehensive attempt to record on behalf of Luaka Bop,  David Byrne's company. Influenced apparently by rich arrangements proposed by Curtis Mayfield in the early '70s, and the melodic ideas of "sound of Philadelphia», the Kings Go Forth achieved something very important. Carried the aura of the groovy past into today and had a fresh, eclectic blend of styles and trends, able to lead the audience in very near addiction.

Playlist - Track 4: Don't Take My Shadow
Bears the fabric of a classic. It is no coincidence that the legendary producer Tom Moulton, asked himself the permission of the group to (re) mix the piece.

ORGONE - Cali Fever (Ubiquity)

The versatility is the key strength of the collective from California. In this year's essay they mingle afrobeat with disco and soul. All physically moving around a central funk axis. Sporadic attempts a more rock approach. The Orgone act like friends and Cali Fever conveys precisely this sense. A group of musicians with passion and fervor, playing their favorite music, raising the temperature soared.

Playlist - Track 5: Cali Fever
In the spirit of the album, the title song flirts with the afro - funk and recorded as one of the most memorable moments.

BAMBOOS - 4 (Tru Thoughts)

They call them Dap - Kings of Australia. Originating from Melbourne and are the main instigators for the spurt of so and so many worthy soul - funk bands from the remote Oceania. It may sound contradictory, but the Bamboos are considered old ... of the new funk scene. In this year's album, fourth in their career, leader, composer, arranger and guitarist Lance Ferguson, gives the signal for renewal. Without the framework to be revised radically new sounds and influences pop up here and there. Strings cinematic textures, sitar and 60's mod mood, enrich it anyway heady mix, and the voice of the (enhanced) Kylie Auldist still touches a chord.

Playlist - Track 6: You 're No Good (feat King Merc)
Bass, percussion and keyboards form a compact and rugged substrate. The interpretation of the mysterious King Merc seems, to say the least, convincing.

JOSÉ JAMES - Blackmagic (Browswood)

Second album by American composer and performer in company of Gilles Peterson. Presents a version of the multifaceted talent - think that at the same time he organizes concerts in memory of John and Alice Coltrane, and recently signed a recording contract with legendary Impulse! Here, however, focuses on a night mid tempo nu soul and jazz mix with the velvet voice of the protagonist and the man's ability to steal the show, especially towards the end ("Love Conversation", "Beauty").

Playlist - Track 7: Lay You Down
Sample the atmosphere of the album ... simple, atmospheric and ... adhesive.

MAVIS STAPLES - You Are Not Alone (ANTI)

The return of one of the greatest gospel - soul voices. This year she turned 71, is however, revived in an album of rare depth and beauty. To achieve this,
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco laid his hand, who has the overall supervision. He composes, plays guitar - bass, arranging, and generally do what it takes to make the interpretation of Mavis Staples. Whatever happens here, comes from the deepest wells of the soul and exudes sincerity.

Playlist - Track 8: You Are Not Alone
Despite numerous, targeted versions (Rany Newman, Little Milton, Allen Toussaint), the title track, handed by Tweedy, is what really captivates.

SOLOMON BURKE - Nothing's Impossible (V2)

Began as one of the most fertile years of the king of rock & soul, the ending was tragic with the unexpected death in the airport of Amsterdam. Released two excellent albums in 2010, but we deal with the first (in order) of them, since it hides another feature. This is the swansong of the great producer from Memphis, Willie Mitchell, who (he too) was recently gone. Following these developments, it is reasonable that the hearing of "Nothing's Impossible" becomes a bittersweet experience. The good (and sweet) of the case against the hard side of life, is that these two important artists managed to make a common dream a reality. To cooperate. Even put on that disk whatever they had in them. The result justifies them festively ...

Playlist - Track 9: Oh What A Feeling
Shocking interpretation, a chilling documentary far, two people could only bet and not (as illustrated) in the future ...

ELI PAPERBOY REED - Come & Get It (Capitol)

As a youngster, he used to spend hours, searching (he said) the rich soul - funk - blues library of his father. Growing up, the Eli Paperboy Reed had no trouble deciding what he wanted to do in life. Having played piano in churches in Chicago and plowed Massachusetts looking for musicians, up to a wider audience with the album "Roll With You" (2008). Having permanently the gang True Loves on his side, returned this year with the multinational debut. The "Come & Get It" as a heading continues from where its predecessor stopped. Although only 26 years old, Eli returns to the past, searching for suitable means of expression. The immediacy is ensured, given that the inspiration drawn from giants such as Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson. The energy is inexhaustible and supplies a range of solid compositions, overflowing with spunky performances and delightful playing.

Playlist - Track 10: Come & Get It
Check the title track among others, 'Move' to the rhythm of a most groovy bassline of the year.

Happy 2011 for everyone!