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I suggested that Steve would dive into his memories of series of historic concerts in our country, starting from the great Dream Syndicate to his solo appearances
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Steve Wynn

In this new version of the column, I give to my guests full freedom of choice regarding the subject. We surely discuss some ideas and thoughts, or opinions, but what interests me the most is to finally have them write something representative, something from their heart, something entirely their own.

So I suggested that Steve would dive into his memories of series of historic concerts in our country, starting from the great Dream Syndicate to his solo appearances, and I truly enjoyed the article. On Sunday, we will see Steve in Athens again... "Bringing it all back home" with an excellent new album ('Northern Aggression') in his luggage...

I'm really looking forward to my show at the Tiki Bar in Athens later this month. Every visit to Greece is always fun, a new adventure and a chance to visit old friends.

When I was looking at the date of the show I realized that 2011 is the 25 year anniversary of my first visit to Greece. How can that be? Time certainly flies.

I'm always talking with that first Dream Syndicate show with people, many who were there and many others who have heard the legend. And I know that Greece is no stranger to myths and legends.

How many people were there? 5000? That sounds about right. Or maybe it's part of the legend. All I know is that it was an outdoor show and the PA cables were severed, maybe intentionally or maybe not. And suddenly a lot of people who had been looking forward to the show weren't able to hear anything. I did the only thing that made sense to me. I turned the monitors around so that people could hear the show. I guess we could have stormed off and ended the show but that wasn't our style. It was the simple, obvious thing to do but it also made an impression and a friendship was born.

And there have been many other highlights over the years. I was so honored to be the last band to play the amazing Rodon club. So many highlights at Rodon over the years with The Dream Syndicate, Gutterball, the Miracle 3 and my other solo bands and this may have been the best of all. It was like the climactic scene at the end of "24 Hour Party People" as the audience took the club apart (with encouragement, I should add) and took a bit of Rodon home with them.

But many of the other highlights have happened away from the stage. I have made so many wonderful friends, eaten so much good food, had so many great conversations and seen so much of a beautiful country that remains one of my favorite places to visit.

Every visit is a chance to add to my mental scrapbook. And my first visit of this new decade will certainly be a nice new addition. When I come over for my acoustic shows, I am not alone. I bring my guitar, hundreds of songs and all of these memories-the simplicity and nakedness of the show makes it possible to get closer to the songs and how they all began. Bringing it all back home indeed! See you all very soon.


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