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Greeks do it better: Leon - Futrue

I think Archangel found in Leon the rival of Monica. Probably he can not achieve the success of the talented songwriter, but certainly is fully qualified.
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I think Archangel found in Leon the rival of Monica. He might not achieve the success of the talented singer and songwriter, but he is certainly fully qualified. And maybe he has to.

I remember a few years ago, I had seen Timoleon's (perhaps parallel) group, the Mimosa's Dream, that I was amazed. Of course we are talking about a well worked group, where each and everyone has his role, with the prominent Timo then, Leon today.

Leon-Futrue Leon just released his debut cd, which is of particular interest. Apart from all, it contains the first single "(To the) children of tomorrow", which is one of the best in the past year, a euphoric song that changes your mood, certainly brings to mind Beirut (and this only as a positive mention, there is no accusation, just as reminiscent of, but has its own unique beauty). Besides the first single, the Futrue includes other reasons why it deserves our attention. The stunning interpretation of Timo's "The real elevator" reminiscent of so-would say-David Byrne and Talking Heads, or the "Gradually no suddenly", which reminds me of Devendra Banhart at some points, the women's choir vocals that at almost all songs (overdo it several times), the somewhat kids' "Someday, somewhere, maybe somebody" that manages not to let us act like kids (that is quite fun and awesome in live performance), simple, humble lyrics, the very good and full arrangement.

Not all is "en rose" though, there are times when you might be tired, maybe some songs are not as integrated as a whole, some choral parts too, make the project seem somewhat cautious, which means that it does not take off, while it could.

But what overcomes all this is what I wrote in the beginning, that we are dealing with a charismatic performer, a gifted songwriter with a distinctive aura, and finally a very good debut (which will definitely change the world, but who really cares?). And so he speaks for himself for the future, even with a bit of stirring ... FUTRUE.

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