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FM to Web: The OTHERNESS and the 13,000 km to Glen Matlock!

Glen Matlock has a new album ('Born Running') and Martin Cativa of Otherness tells the story of a band from Argentina, which travels to London to meet him...
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He was a member of the legendary Sex Pistols and
later he made some great songs with the excellent Rich Kids. Glen Matlock has a new album ('Born Running') and Martin Cativa of Otherness tells the story of a band from Argentina, which travels to London to meet him... Its only Rock n Roll!

The OTHERNESS and the 13,000 km to Glen Matlock!

In Comodoro Rivadavia, a windy town from La Patagonia Argentina, most teens become punk rockers or metalheads at school and after that decision they are kind of rivals forever. You can easily read graffiti legends in any corner of the city: “metalhead, you become/ a punk rocker/ you are born”.

 OTHERNESS is a young electro punk rock collective from the aforementioned city and they are together since Nov. 2008 when Pablo (drums) joined Martin, Gonzalo and Adrian. The band never stopped giggin’ and during 2010 they get to perform at one of the most popular tv shows in Argentina “Un mundo perfecto con Roberto Pettinato”, they get to be the front cover of the biggest patagonian magazine “Noche Polar” and when OTHERNESS reputation started to grow they left everything and travelled to Europe. In the meantime, they have performed 9 gigs in Italy and after 12 gigs in London, they already have a story to tell.

When OTHERNESS boys put their feet at Gatwick Airport they didn’t expect to be “examined” during 4 hours: the airport officers even checked the handwriting papers in each personal bag and also the underwear and every single thing in the luggage and guitar’ cases!

After a BIG relief they started to play almost immediatly: The Comedy Pub, Water Rats, The Dublin Castle, 93 Feet East, SOAS University and The RoadTrip.

Many promoters mentioned that London’ music scene it’s not what it was in the past and it’s way too easy to find out that Dj’s are working and gettin’ paid much more and better than real musicians!

OTHERNESS is playing a set of original compositions and they are attracting a young and diverse audience -those who think that electronic music itself and the classical rock sound need a “refresh”. Though the band is still unsigned and they are looking for proper management and a label, they are happy to confess they walked 350 blocks to meet a Domino Records friend at their offices in a dark sort of hangar in SW London! The band is also waiting for Rough Trade’ response once their A& R guy Paul Jones comes back from USA.

OTHERNESS music is something new, as Amy Baker off London’s “Rock Pulse” put down in words: “A fresh new rock group from Argentina are hitting the American and British music scene with their quirky and fun sound. They are an interesting four piece, sounding unlike anything I’ve heard before, mellow yet feisty songs with a hint of electro. I love the vocals and rhythm that seems to come so easily to them, without trying too hard to impress. Otherness have passion and dedication and truly sound brilliant!

Anyway, AC/DC said it a long time ago: it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll.
It’s a fact: the music industry and rock culture are stucked in a crisis which is not only about money but also about contents and art quality. No matter the situation, an artist has to do with what it has to do.

 OTHERNESS played at SOAS University (Nirvana’s London UK debut was there) in the middle of a huge conflict between students and the government. It was a highlight of the first part of the tour regarding all of the band members grew up listening to Cobain’s music. Anyway, the best was yet to come: Martin, Gonzalo, Adrián and Pablo are staying at Journeys Hostel in Kings Cross, and just in front of that place there’s The Monto –the agency that’s booking OTHERNESS in London by now.

One day the cellphoned rang and it was Paul Ryan off The Monto asking one of the boys if they wanted to join GLEN MATLOCK at Water Rats. The former PHILISTINES leader and ex-SEX PISTOLS had been in touch with the band by Facebook and now they were just a few blocks from each other. It was such a thrill for OTHERNESS. GLEN MATLOCK was the main musician and composer in the SEX PISTOLS. Johnny Rotten was responsible for most of the lyrics, but the abbrasive pop drive and sense of melody was MATLOCK’s himself.

GLEN MATLOCK has the experience in his face. You noticed he “lived” the punk’ scene almost immediatly. On stage, he’s a funny guy who knows that his contribution to rock culture is something no one can deny. OTHERNESS boys and GLEN MATLOCK met at Water Rats backstage just 15 minutes before THE PHILISTINES show. They had a cool conversation on rock culture and GLEN was amused with the stories of the punks and the metalheads in La Patagonia Argentina. MATLOCK couldn’t believe OTHERNESS made 13.000km to get to London. They took a picture and laughed and wished themselves “good luck”. GLEN and THE PHILISTINES’ concert was bloody great and OTHERNESS filmed some songs with their camera.  “All the young punks, laughed your life ‘cause there ain’t much to cry for”. Joe Strummer’s words describe what’s being in London for a new band looking for his place in rock history and a legend who’s still giving his best on stage. Some might say that rock is dead, but rock is like a phoenix, it rests for a while and suddenly wakes up full of electro energy to blow your mind up and start over again.

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