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Muse: We want to play in Athens

"We want to come for a concert in Athens!" Matt Bellamy said in an interview on BBC.
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" We want to come for a concert in Athens! " said Matt Bellamy in an interview on BBC. For weeks now we were hearing that there were efforts to bring the Muse in Greece. It is the first time we have something tangible by the band.

If you hear the following audio clip of the interview at 1:11, the Muse say that in May they will probably play in Russia and then immediately say that they want to play in Athens! They say they want to do 2-3 gigs a month to keep in touch with their audience.

At the same two-minute interview on BBC, the Muse say they would rather wait two more years before they release new music. " I'd like 2012 if possible but 2013 definitely "- Matt Bellamy. The new record, however, will be recorded in London, where they have all moved.

"We've actually never made a full album here, it'll be nice to all be based in the same place, we can go out and socialise. It also means we can make the album over a longer period of time without having to pressurise it into a three week studio session. "

For the record, the Muse have appeared again in our country in 2000 Rockwave Festival held at the Ecological Park at Agioi Anargyroi, 2001 in Rodon and 2007 in Terra Vibe. This is a really great band and I hope they come once more!

Listen to the interview below.

Source: BBC

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