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New album by Death Cab For Cutie

New album on May 30 by Death Cab For Cutie, entitled 'Codes And Keys'.
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'Narrow Stairs' 2008 was a record in which Death Cab For Cutie exceeded the limits of alternative in U.S. and drew attention to a wider audience, managing to reach No.1 on the album chart on the Billboard.

On May 30 they return with their next step and soon we will see whether it will be equally successful commercially but even more artistically. The band's seventh album is titled 'Codes And Keys' and was recorded last year in various studios with the help of Alan Moulder.

The album will be released by Atlantic Records and you can see the cover and titles of the songs in it are the following:
'Home Is A Fire'
'Codes And Keys'
'Some Boys'
'Doors Unlocked And Open'
'You Are A Tourist'
'Unobstructed Views'
'Monday Morning'
'Portable Television'
'Underneath The Sycamore'
'St Peter's Cathedral'
'Stay Young, Go Dancing'

Death Cab for Cutie - Crooked Teeth

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