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Record Shuffle 7: Gregg Allman and…holidays in Tarifa

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An unexpected comeback was reserved for the beginning of 2011. Gregg Allman (of the Allman Brothers, of course) at 64 manages to shut the mouths of all those who may have considered him creatively inert or wiped out. In 12 songs "Low Country Blues", the evergreen artist from Nashville in Tennessee, as close as a few today, gives away a pure - pure blues feeling. In acoustic, the contribution of the very well known T-Bone Burnett in production (Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Elton John & Leon Russell) is crucial. The valuable assistance of gunpowder - smoked musicians (how else to characterize the Dr John) is also important.

The difference, however, is made by the one that is at the center. Allman's voice emerges from the depths of the soul, the wisdom of a man who has seen and been through a lot. It seems as the ripe of a spirit-filled journey of ups and downs. Immediately after recording the album, he entered the hospital for liver transplant. Obviously, the uncertainty of the next day acted as a catalyst, fueling the intensity with which he approaches the material, whether singing or leaving the imagination to be driven away on B-3.

The "Low Country Blues" is composed mostly of covers. To draw inspiration, Gregg Allman returns to the starting point. In the late '50s that, when in the company of his one year older brother (and prematurely lost) Duane, being teenagers, sneak in concerts BB King and Bobby "Blue" Bland admiring what is going on and projecting themselves on stage. So he adapts so aptly pieces of American folk tradition ("I Believe I'll Go Back Home", "Muddy Water"), and recordings - of maximum figures (Muddy Waters, Amos Milburn, BB King, Nehemiah "Skip James", Otis Rush ...). Elsewhere sounds rough and tough, sometimes introspective. There are signs that he "celebrates" as an in love soul man in a trance. In any case the album refers to the south - or "smell" moisture from the "muddy" the waters of the Mississippi, or "spread" like a pink color of the sun when it goes down over the countryside and the vast plantations.

The only original song "Low Country Blues" written by himself Allman, called "Just Another Rider" and a undisputed highlight. Besides, every one of us is nothing but "... Just another rider on that train to nowhere .."

 Gregg Allman - Just Another Rider

Information: http://www.greggallman.com/

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Incarnations - With All Due Respect

Recently leafing through an American magazine that specializes in "black" sound, the eye fell into an advertising record, by the cover of which I was particularly impressed. What are three guys with robe and white costumes doing in hardcore Wax Poetics, I wondered. Especially when they appear to doing the cut walk on the beach, with apparent carelessness and when the wave washes off their bare feet footprints (which are depicted on the inside cover as I found out later) ...

The greater surprise was waiting for me when the "With All Due Respect", as it is the title of the album, began to be heard through my speakers. The Incarnations (ie group) appear as "extraordinary" expressive component of three friends, with a separate and independent course (at least until recently) in the music reality. Both as a session musicians and as members of bands or solo artists. The effect of mating is a pop soul (with something of soft rock) diamond, mined as if from another era. Imagine Hall & Oates locked in the same room with Steely Dan, and the Eagles and Temptations squeezed at the door to leave their mark.

Daniel Collas, Bart Davenport and Bing Ji Ling, have long wanted to work together, but the individual obligations, the geographical distance that separated their everyday lives, did not allow this to happen. So they left their jobs, kept vacant two weeks in their busy agenda and with the guitars on the shoulder, made the transatlantic voyage, with a final destination in Spain. To the southern tip of Andalucia, next to Gibraltar and across the coast of the African continent, in an area called Tarifa (Tarifa), found a family studio and fell to it right away.

The "With All Due Respect" is clearly influenced by weather conditions encountered there. Atmospheric, nighty, summer breeze breathes and beats to the face as the sea breeze. There is an overwhelming, almost hedonistic relaxation, which generates delightful melodies from those that only on the sunny California are generously floating. Listen to the whole - especially in times traumatizing, serves as a potential therapeutic herb for the mind and soul.

Worth mentioning, finally, is that they took their name from the Encarnación "Nini" Sagrista, the owner of the studio that hosted them. This lady even cooked them daily local delicacies, which they duly honor and praise at every opportunity!

  Incarnations - Meet Me at Midnight

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