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Record Shuffle: resourceful Raphael Saadiq

Dimitris Katsourinis presents new soul - funk (and not only)releases and at times driven by association, some favorite recordings of the past ...
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The course of Raphael Saadiq is, if anything, a model of evolutionary process. At the beginning Charles Ray Wiggins (his real name) conquered the charts, as a key member of Tony! Toni! Toné!, an r & b group, along with others (see Bobby Brown), made sure, that the term "new jack swing" would be included in the encyclopedia of music history. At the rhythms of this kind of music it is that  for some years a large part of America would dance to. All this was done in the late 80s, until about the beginning of the '90s. That is before hip hop 'suck' completely mainstream music, radically changing things at the front of the "black" expression.

In his 45 years of age today, Raphael Saadiq, not only did not disappear like many of his contemporaries, but is rightly regarded as one of the most authentic and most important soul artists of the times. His secret? The restless spirit, the versatile talent, hard work and willingness to risk. Composer, singer, guitarist and producer, has left his mark in hits of big names such as D 'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Joss Stone, while he manages to reserve a very interesting personal career ...

The "The Way I See It" of 2008 was what made the difference for many. The trend of its creator, to turn completely on traditional values, was more than evident. Raphael Saadiq jumped into the pool of ideas, so hardly created by  Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder, and emerged with a very attractive proposition. The latter in fact, participated in the amazing single "Never Give You Up" playing harmonica and putting his stone, for building an unexpected soul classic.

The fresh "Stone Rollin'" which took the baton, is an ambitious project that seeks to further expand the sonic direction in which our friend is moving with a view to strengthen even more his expressive arms. The stylistic references to the cover and the artwork reference data although, charming, refer to the glorious past. Would not expect anything other than an elegant, "sophisticated" and suspicious type, with a large record collection and spontaneous love for his roots. The great about this case is that the artist continues to be close to Afro-American heritage, both sincere, and with refreshing mood. He therefore does not stay on the surface, but presents an album in which lurk the background, perspective and feelings. Assets that appear in bold doses and have mastered the hard work and effort ...

Against the trend which wants the loops and samples that are flooding the r & b hits list, the "Stone Rollin'" deifies the feeling of live music. It is evident that Saadiq enjoys jamming and rehearsing with his band, spreading damn guitar riffs, which say that sprang from the most 'smoked' dives of Memphis. In the first half (roughly) of the record, the sound is considerably more rugged. The inaugural "Heart Attack" is at the crossroads linking the "Theme From Shaft" Isaac Hayes of the "Dance To The Music" of Sly & The Family Stone. The " Radio " sounds like ... Rolling Stones, which modifies Ray Charles, while in "Stone Rollin '" (the title) and "Day Dreams" are influenced by blues and rock 'n' roll are in the foreground.

Beyond that, the musician Raphael gives his place in the ... composer and producer Saadiq. To this end, the "Stone Rollin '", presents a more subtle sense. Strings, pianos, keyboards and all sorts of tangling with choruses, heavenly vocals and amazing melodies. The love for Marvin Gaye prevails in songs like "Movin 'Down The Line", "The Answer" and "Just Don't". In this, the sublime orchestrations "What's Going On" (1971) play a role compass - driver. In this way, adds elegance that works seemingly contradictory, on the merits but complementary, with the most "dirty" person of authority of the album. In "Good Man", a ballad type Stax, blends brilliantly with the rap vocals of the emerging Taura Stinson. We said, ambition is noticeable ... however the rates are the way to carry out their difficult mission.

I recently read an interview with an exceptional writer Alexis Stamatis on Lifo (Issue 247). From his words kept the following sentence ... " The only responsibility that a man has is to give something back to the gift of life freely given to him. It's like breathing. Inhalation is the opportunity, privilege, the recruitment of the world. By exhaling give something back ... ". In this light, Raphael Saadiq id doing the 'task' in full. "Inhales" the art that raised him,  processes it intuitively, with the filter of a modern, talented musician and "expires" something new, beautiful, undeniable current and any time value ...


Raphael Saadiq - Good Man

o Raphael Saadiq - Radio

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