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'Last Words: The Final Recordings' by Screaming Trees

'Last Words: The Final Recordings' by The Screaming Trees, 11 years after the the band's break up.
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It's been 11 years since The Screaming Trees (Mark Lanegan's band) broke up and 15 years since they released their last album 'Dust'.

Shortly before the break up, the band had entered the studio and recorded songs for their next album with contributions from Peter Buck of REM and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. The recordings were done at Stone Gossard's, Pearl Jam's guitarist, studio and produced by the band's drummer Barrett Martin. But the indifference of record companies for the new material and the fights between the band members resulted in the dissolution of The Screaming Trees before finalizing the album.

The forgotten tapes of these songs recorded by the Screaming Trees were discovered by Martin in his archives, who then called legendary producer Jack Endino to make the necessary mixing and after a 12 year delay the lost Screaming Trees album will be released by Martin's record company, Sunyata Music, on August 2nd in digital form and on CD and vinyl on a later date.

The album is titled 'Last Words: The Final Recordings' and here is the tracklist: Marklanegan

'Ash Gray Sunday'
'Door Into Summer'
'Black Rose Way '
' Reflections'
'Tomorrow Changes'
' Low Life '
' Anita Grey '
' Last Words'

The release of 'Last Words: The Final Recordings' will not be followed by a reunion since according to the press release: "There are no plans for a reunion, as the band members are finally well-adjusted adults who actually get along with each other and have happily moved on with their lives."

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