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For some the holidays are over, for others they're just starting. Some haven't even gone on holidays (damn depression!!!). Anyway, September is approaching and before we start the cliché 'good winter' (I got old and never understood that one, winter begins in December if I remember correctly...) take a look below. Yes, what you'll read is not a lie. It's the lives that lie ahead. So fill your batteries, do your homework, because some of them are historical and we should not lose them (and I put myself in "we").

Let's start with the first megaton bomb. Direct from the Americas Helstar, for two shows 3/9 in Athens Seven Sins 4/9 at the Harley Bar in Thessaloniki.

Then take a little breath and welcome Canned Heat 11/9 in Gagarin 205 for the postponed concert from a few months ago. On the same day
Suede will play on Entertainment Stage. On 17/9 in Iera Odos Primal Scream!!!.

And Sanctuary return. Yes it is not a joke. Leave behind Nevermore, see the end of 80's to the beginning of 90's dig up Refuge Denied and Into The Mirror Black vinyl and come at 24/9 in Principal in Thessaloniki and 25/9 in Gagarin to listen to Die for my sins, Battle Angels, Future Tense and whatever else you liked. And then: Another historic live: Cathedral. As they announced themselves, they're doing a Farewell Tour because they'll just stop. 30/9 in Thessaloniki in Block33 1/10 in Athens in Gagarin.

Cathedral start October! Nice omen. And then James 4/10 in PAOK's stadium. Also a hot twosome in doom metal: 8/10 Candlemass and Trouble in Fuzz.

And on 15/10 Pain Of Salvation in Fuzz. Want some more? The Haunted: 22/10 in Gagarin and 23/10 in Block33 in Thessaloniki.

And now begins the hell of November. We rule the night, Don't say goodbye tonight, Burning Of Rome. Get it? Come ooon. Virgin Steele in Kyttaro in Athens on 6/11. And Amorphis with the new album The Beginning of Times in Thessaloniki
12/11 Block33 and Athens 13/11 Gagarin.

And here's two long weekends. ICED EARTH 18-19/11 in Athens Gagarin and 20/11 in Thessaloniki Principal . SODOM on 24/11 in Thessaloniki Eightball, 25/11 in Ioannina Boxx and 26/11 in An Club Athens.

And a preview of next year. 20/1/2012 Arch Enemy in Gagarin and... YES what all of us listening to underground progressive metal bands have been waiting to hear: on 28/4/2012 Psychotic Waltz will shake the foundations of the Fuzz.

That's all for now. There's no money. Try to ensure what you can. I just informed you! But I hope to see you in as much live as you can. Be well everyone!

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