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No new album from A.Monkeys before 2013

Slower pace and rest Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys seems to need.....
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Slower pace and rest Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys seems to need. Not as a musician and performer, of course, as they are already on tour, but as a songwriter. Their four last albums, have been written by Turner and the group during their tours.

In addition to Arctic Monkeys, Turner has two side projects, one with his friend Miles Kane and their duo, Last shadow Puppets. The other, as an independent musician has to composed music for the soundtrack of The submarine (where the protagonist could be his double thanks to the similarity with Turner ), directed by Richard Ayoade, with whom he had worked on several videos of the band.

For now Arctic Monkeys tour for their latest album, Suck it and see and according to Turner, he has no plans to compose music in the time being, as he wants to enjoy the live performances. Referring to his words, 'first time there's no plan, no thoughts on the next record'. The news therefore is that they are not going to release new album before 2013.

If in the future find themselves in the process of recording,Turner says he would like to work again only with Josh Homme, as they had worked in their previous album Humbug. Maybe then the next work by this producer will left in 2011 the band's turn into retro rock n roll as in Suck it and see. The retro mood seems to be fully supported by Turner with his new look, a combination of Elvis Presley and Grease.

In the following video you can watch the accoustic set of Turner in the radio show of KEXP station, starting with Reckless serenade. In the interview he comments on the issue of censorship with the title of the album in America and says that combined with the simplest cover art, they imagined it as a lollipop. As if it was a lollipop, you have no idea of its flavor before you unravel it and then see what it is all about....

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