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Patrick Campbell Lyons: interview

A few days ago, Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Patrick Campbell Lyons, the composer, musician and one of the members of the legendary band Nirvana (formed in 1967).
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A few days ago, Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Patrick Campbell Lyons, the composer, musician and one of the members of the legendary band Nirvana (formed in 1967). Mr Campbell-Lyons speaks for his new album, Alex Spyropoulos, music industry and many other interesting things. Check them below:

MG: First of all 'The 13 Dalis' its a really nice album for my money. So, tell us the story behind the album..

Patrick Campbell Lyons: There is no story behind the album. Only in the album itself and that is not really a story. It is not a concept album with a linking narrative like Nirvana's the story of Simon Simopath. The 13 Dali’s is 7 songs that I had written, + 3 songs written with Alex Spyropoulos. And 3 cover versions of songs by writers I like.

Now if you are talking about the cover concept story that is another trip altogether! I wrote about in one of Los Angeles Hip magazines the LA. Record last issue and it is something that you might consider to publish in mixgrill. European readers will like it for sure. It is called "karma or coincidence". Reprint it and credit LA. Record they are a cool bunch of people. I will make sure that Karl will forward it to you...at no cost!

MG: Is there a special song for you really? And why?

PCL: Murderland is the song I feel that captured the writing and production of the project in the most satisfactory way to my ears, but then again I was very pleased with “Fallin”. I don’t ever listen to any album I make after it has been released, as it belongs to other people then and I am hopefully doing my best to find the seeds of songs and seed money to turn them into the singing flowers for the next one. That’s a good name for a psychedelic band? Do you think? The singing flowers. Maybe someone will use it..

MG: Can you tell me about the legendary Salvador Dali? Your memories..

PCL: Salvador Dali was on stage with us at his tv happening on French tv, I had met him 2 years earlier in Cadaques (Spain) at his house and on the beach. A mad narcissistic genius. My memories of those occasions are detailed with a fine coating of lsd in my book psychedelic days available from www.psychedelicdays.com  buy it kids!

MG: And what about Alex Spyropoulos and NIRVANA back in the sixties? I am Greek you know!

PCL: Alex and I are in contact a lot as we have a Nirvana release coming in the USA later this year or early 2012. We have always been friends and remain so and do sometimes write a song or two...just for the crack!  I am not talking about the drug! The craic is a gaelic word that describes writing, singing, dancing, poetry and drinking all in one by using the first letter of each word in it's gaelic translation. Just go into an Irish pub in your city and ask the barman, “Is there any crack here?” If he throws you out on the street don’t blame me!

MG: What do you think about the music industry nowadays..?

PCL: Not much to be honest. As long as I can make music and write and know that there are people out there who like what I do. I am my own industry and my own man... I always have been, even when I have been signed to major labels like universal/ island which our nirvana recordings still are, or if I am with an independent label like Gra, it is still the songs and the writings that they are interested in. Not the colour of my eyes, which for anyone who might just be interested ...are in fact blue!

MG: Are you workin' on a new project maybe? In 2011 or so?

PCL: Yes, I have just come back from Morocco where I was travelling for 6 weeks in the high Atlas mts region and I brought back with me one finished and 2 almost completed new songs which was like drinking chilled champagne from a fountain. Others might say like manna from heaven. I had not written anything for a year. Promoting the book in America and England had left me in a state of zombie like emptiness. No creative energy, and for a songwriter that is a very desperate place to be, but now all is well thank god and I look forward to digging a rich vein of song and support in the months to come..

MG: And closing the interview.. Can you tell me 5 of your fav albums of all time?

PCL: Playback, The apple tree theatre
Forever changes, Love.
Trout mask replica, Captain Beefheart.
XO, Elliott Smith.
UFO, Jim Sullivan


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