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Keep Shelly in Athens live @ BIOS

Past Saturday evening, we finally managed to listen live to one of the hot new names in world music scene. Our own Keep Shelly in Athens...
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Past Saturday evening, we finally managed to listen live
to one of the hot new names in world music scene. Our own Keep Shelly in Athens. Just reading it I get emotional, because it's really happening what many Greek bands in the past have tried and all dream (let's not to forget of course Rotting Christ).

And fortunately it's happening to a band that has things to give. And that's what we've heard for about a year, that they have burst on the music scene, with slow
and melodic songs, with excellent productions and remixes and the voice of Sarah P and presence of RPR standing out.

All that we saw and heard on the BIOS stage, in a few minutes set, but I do not think the guys have other songs at the moment to show us. So we've heard all the famous songs (A tear in my I, Cremona Memories, Running out of you, Fokionos Negri street), and samples of their new work, from which we pick "DIY" and the remix to the song by Abadabad, "California Birds". About their music have written more, some of the most sophisticated and reliable sites abroad. They have compared them to Air, Saint Etienne, Everything But the Girl (UNKLE & Portishead as they sound in the live with the addition of drums & guitar), chillwave, electronica, synth pop, all that to describe them. And they are all that.

I also think it significant that they enriched their live performances with drums & guitar, because as themselves said in an interview, they would not want to do karaoke (or so I remember). So this gave force to the live and made them more approachable. If I am not mistaken it was the first "normal" appearance in Athens and their anxiety was obvious at first, especially in Sarah. Of course this did not prevent the petite, sweet, young singer to become 2 meters tall when opening her mouth and we listened to her voice. A voice that has all the elements of the voices of the groups mentioned before as influences, but with a personal touch.

The Greek-indie audience did its duty and filled BIOS. Unfortunately they did not meet the requirements of this "difficult» live, and probably not quite warm up the atmosphere. And I say difficult because the type of music played by KSIA, is not exactly what energizes and it needs time to let yourself in their ritualistic atmosphere. It may of course be the fault of the group that failed to entice them, but we recognize the fact that it is the first live, in front of the Athenian audience. Although I do not think they have to prove anything beyond the necessary seriousness and responsibility that they're already showing.

Will conclude with a known cue on the band ... DON'T Keep Shelly in Athens!!! Good luck guys.

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