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Sigur Ros: Give 2 songs from their live album Inni

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The Icelandic alternative band Sigur Ros released today, November 15 their first live album, 'Inni', as filmed at the Alexandra palace. The appearance lasted just 105 minutes with only one interruption, as they tell us in their official website.

According to the band, the live album gives the listener the perfect experience of the first row in a live appearance. Download free (confirming by email) the song 'Festival', which was used in the soundtrack of the film 127 Hours and the song 'ný batterí'.


cd 1
  1. svefn-g-englar
  2. glósóli
  3. ný batterí
  4. fljótavík
  5. við spilum endalaust
  6. hoppípolla
  7. með blóðnasir
  8. inní mér syngur vitleysingur
  9. e-bow
cd 2
  1. sæglópur
  2. festival
  3. hafsól
  4. all alright
  5. popplagið
  6. lúppulagið

They recently revealed their plans for the new album, with the promise that it will be released in Spring 2012 and the suspicion that it will be different from their previous work, as it is introverted and minimal.
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05/12/09 16:20