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Return for Lambchop

Our favorite Lambchop return to discography in February with the album 'Mr. M'.
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Lambchop Our favorite veterans Lambchop, who we previously had the pleasure to see live in our country - their appearance on stage in Club 22 in May 2002 is sure to be unforgettable for anyone who was fortunate to be there, return to discography next February.

It is the 11th album of
Kurt Wagner's band (last release 'OH (Ohio)' in 2008). The album, entitled 'Mr. M' will be released on February 20 in Europe by City Slang (21/2 in the USA by Merge ) and is dedicated to the great songwriter Vic Chesnutt who passed in 2009.

The titles of the songs in 'Mr.M':

01. If Not I'll Just Die Lambchop
02. 2B2
03. Gone Tomorrow
04. Mr. Met
05. Gar
06. Nice Without Mercy
07. Buttons
08. The Good Life (is Wasted)
09. Kind Of
10. Betty's Overture
11. Never My Love

For a first taste of 'Mr. M' listen and download ' If Not I'll Just Die ' here:
Lambchop - If Not I'll Just Die by MergeRecords

Lambchop - The Saturday Option w/ Vic Chesnutt