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The director of 'Requiem for a dream' behind the camera for Lou Reed/Metallica

Watch the video directed by Darren Aronfosky on the track the view by Lou Reed/Metallica....

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The truth is that Lulu by Lou Reed/Metallica does not enjoy a special welcome from the public, critics and music MME. But I confess that the more I read about it, the more it works in reverse in me trying to identify the positive aspects, while I do not belong to the metal audience.

This prolog was to accompany the simple story that Lou Reed/Metallica collaborated with director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Black Swan, Requiem for a dream) to create the video for the song 'The view', instead of 'Iced honey' as they originally had announced. The directorial lens of Aronofsky gave a dark life to the video, but the truth is that I expected something more surreal than a simple live appearance, to help unfold the story hidden in the verses of Lulu. 'Bravo anchor, brilliant'
Lou Reed cries at the end, and since he liked it our opinion is unnecessary.

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