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Jez Kerr (A Certain Ratio): Interview

Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Jez Kerr, the bassist/vocalist of legendary and very important band of Manchester, A Certain Ratio.
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Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Jez Kerr, the bassist/vocalist of legendary and very important band of Manchester, A Certain Ratio. Jez Kerr speaks about his new personal album and the possibility of a new release of A Certain Ratio.

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Dimitris Antonopoulos: First of all Jez, tell us about your brilliant new album 'Numb Mouth Eat Waste', some details etc!
Jez Kerr: Well, the album was out in September on Higuera records, and it is a collection of songs I’ve written over the last few years. When I realised I had a good album I put a band together to perform it live and things have developed from there. We did a session with Marc Riley on BBC radio 6 and the two singles 'play something fast' and 'Rip you right back' have been received well. The title 'Numb Mouth Eat Waste' is a play on words, North south east west, also, it's a lyric from the ACR track 'My Spirit'.

DA: And your fav song from the whole album Jez? If there’s only one of course! (laughs)
JK: I think 'Technicolur Dawn' is my personal favourite. I edited a track by ‘Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren band' called 'Think Twice' and used it as the backing track, and then sang the vocal over it. Fortunately Ralph likes the track and has given his permission. I did the track very quickly and I like its looseness and vibe.

DA: How do you really feel looking back...? What about the early days with 'A CERTAIN RATIO'...?
JK:  I mostly try to look forward, and sometimes manage to see in the present, but when I look back, it's usually with fondness and a chuckle. The early days with A Certain Ratio and the involvement with Factory Records was an exciting time, we were all very young and it was an adventure, I wouldn't change it for anything.

DA: Is there a new album on the way maybe? With the band?
JK: There will be an album on the way from ACR, when we get round to it.

DA: I wanna 'remind' you some names here.. So can you tell me just 3 words for each one? Factory Records- John Peel- Tony Wilson- 24 Hours Party Peope (the movie)- Ian Curtis- Peter Hook- Mark E Smith- The Passage...
JK: Factory Records - Hopeless, wonderful, Unique
    John Peel - Music lover, Hero.
    Tony Wilson - Charmer, infuriating, friend
    24 hour party people - inaccurately accurate, hilarious
    Ian Curtis - Lyricist, performer, Tragic.

DA: What about an Athens gig really...?
JK: Do you mean ACR or the much less expensive Jez Kerr thing? We would love to play in Athens, I never have. We played a UNICEF concert in Rhodes, 86 I think.

DA: And 5 of your fav records ever...?
JK: There are way more than 5, but I’ll have a go;
 1. Flamingos - 'I only have eyes for you'
 2. James brown - sex machine
 3. Any Joy Division - live version of 'Digital' from the album 'live at Le Baines Douche'
 4. Aretha Franklin - 'Say a little prayer for you'
 5. Lord Creator - Kingston Town

DA: Closing the interview, do you really know about the economy crises here in Greece? Really tough times you know....
JK: I do know about the economy crisis in Greece, but only from what I have read, which doesn't compare with actually experiencing it. I hope things improve for you soon.

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