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"Ban" by Google/Youtube on a video by Perfume Genius staring 2 semi-naked guys

Inappropriate and non family safe was deemed...
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The record company Matador Records tried to upload to YouTube a 16 second clip for the song "Hood" by Perfume Genius, in order to promote the album Put Your Back N 2 It.

The detail that makes the difference is that in the video, group member Mike Hadreas embraces pornstar Arpad Miklos. Both appear half-naked, without a shirt. The answer given from YouTube is that it refuses to upload it because it promotes maters of sexual maturity and is not family safe, that is suitable for children.

According to Matador both Google and YouTube indicate in their policy on what is classified as unfit "Adult Image/Video Content":

Whatever promotional video contains material Inappropriate for minors will be rejected. In particular, although the characters are half-naked, the overall picture displays inappropriate sexual content.
It will be accepted only if the artists comply with company policy and shape it accordingly. The record company states that putting the question to both companies about which parts need changing, it never received a reply. In the interview, Mike Hadreas indicates that if people are not listening just because I'm gay , then it is their problem.

Watch the video through Vimeo:

Perfume Genius ad from nils bernstein on Vimeo.

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