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Electric Litany are preparing the successor to their debut record...
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Electric Litany are preparing the successor to their debut record, while with their debut, "How To Be A Child And Win The War", they managed to become dear to the Greek public and to be chosen as a support band for the Interpol concert.

The second album will be released in late 2012, by Inner Ear Records, but you can already hear a sample of their new work from a 7inch to be released on February 20. The songs 'Enemy' and 'Betrayal Of The Lamenting Circles' inspired by the dark atmosphere of a West London cemetery and an abandoned sweets factory in East London. The final recordings were made in the studio of Basil Terlegka.

There are currently 2 video clips being prepared for the tracks. The video for "Enemy" was shot in Lefkimmi (Corfu) starring residents of the village, a depiction of a future and somewhat symbolic agrarian revolution symbolized by a little boy. The video for "Betrayal Of The Lamenting Circles" will be a faded dream.

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