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Sepultura in Fuzz in June

"Under A Pale Grey Sky ... We Shall Arise!!!"
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Headbanging mania!!!

One of the absolute highlight heavy metal concerts in Greece, was undoubtedly the first appearance of the Brazilian thrashers SEPULTURA in the historical, now, "Rodon".

Since then, the composition of the group has changed, but their value remains unchanged and the songs they have written are so timeless, that when they play panic ensues to their numerous fans. That should also happen on 2nd June in Fuzz Live Music Club.

Immediately before the SEPULTURA , will play SUICIDAL ANGELS, one of the best Greek export products of the Greek scene in recent years,and before them the veterans FLAMES. Also on this night will appear the Israelis HAMMERCULT, a relatively new thrash metal group.

Finally the evening will open VERDICT DENIED, who are preparing and will present their new work, working in the field of technical thrash metal.

Advance sales for tickets have already begun in: Ticket House, Metal Era,Public (Constitution, Mall Maroussi, Mall St. Dimitriou, Piraeus,Glyfada) and electronically from the www.ticketpro.gr and www.123tickets.gr

Start Time: 19:00
Ticket Price: 25 Euro

"Under A Pale Grey Sky ... We Shall Arise!!!"

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