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Bajofondo: Our new album will be released before the end of the year

A few days ago, we spoke with Bajofondo for their concert in Athens, their new album and generally their music.
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Tonight, they will be in Studio 54 and they will show us their music, which is a mix from Argentina's tango, electronica and pop. A few days ago, we spoke with Bajofondo for their concert in Athens, their new album and generally their music.

Mix Grill: Several songs of yours have music only. By what criterion you would choose the ones you put lyrics? For example, Pa 'Bailar sounds the same beautiful as Julieta Venegas' performance with lyrics.
Bajofondo: For us doesn’t really matter if they have lyrics or not, when we play instrumental music the violin or the bandoneon are the singers, they can cut melodies through the songs and project the same feeling as a vocal… both things are part of Bajofondo sound…

MG: Are you working on a new album or new songs?
B: Yes we are recording our new album which will be released before the end of the year.

MG:  In your music you mix elements from the traditional tango of Latin American with electronic music. What do you think about this mix? The truth is that the result sounds very interesting and modern. How should a musician, who loves tradition, put it in his works?
B: Well, it is exactly as you described, it is a combination of different influences we all had in our life as a musicians, some of them are more organic or folkloric and some of them are more electronic or rock oriented, we tried to do whatever we feel is attractive to ourselves as a band and to our audience.

MG: Are there any moments when you consider that it is "blaspheme"?
B: No, we believe in art.

MG: How can someone keep tradition alive without restricting it in a museum, from the one hand and from the other without humiliating it?
B: We are not sure, we just make music and don’t pretend to keep any tradition live, we just do what we do in a genuine and sincere way.

MG: You come from Rio de la plata. What was the role of music in Argentina, when the country was in a crisis, like we are right now?
B: Music is always therapeutic and is a channel of connection between souls and cultures, we hope our music bring some hope to the people or some joy to make it though complicated times, that’s all it cares.

MG: You have toured all over the world. Are there big differences between Latin Americans and not Latin Americans, regarding the acceptance of your music?
B: Every society is different and that’s what makes it more interested from us, what we can say is that everyway we went people react on a positive way to our music and that a blessing for us.

MG: What should we expect from your show in Athens on Friday?
B: I believe you will be in front of people who will be putting everything they have on stage to have the best time as possible.

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