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Foals - Tapes

The Foals modifies personal choices.
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If you belong to a particular era, the term mix-tape will surely bring memories from collections made with love songs. The Foals used these memories as inspiration for selecting special songs the band. You can hear the first ten minutes of this personal and eclectic music Soundcloud . The first disc 200 parangeleies through Rough Trade will receive a limited release on cassette containing the music collection.

circulation in the United States in 24/7/2012 .

Some reviews from the foreign press:

"A masterclass in genre fusion" NME 8/10

"A mix of exceptional breadth across genres and decades, and one mixed so obsessively, earns the label odyssey "Notion

"Foals reveal impeccable taste on their new mixtape, blending afrobeat and electronica"
The Times

" A diverse tracklist covering DFA disco, lo-fi pop, leftfield deep house and techno "DJ 8.50/10

" A well-considered concoction "Clash 8.10

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