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Interview: A Place To Bury Strangers

A Place To Bury Strangers will be in Greece for 3 shows in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa. Dimitris Antonopoulos talked with Oliver Ackermann.
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A Place To Bury Strangers will be in Greece for 3 shows in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa. Dimitris Antonopoulos talked with Oliver Ackermann over rock & roll, influences and presented him with the all time classic dilemma 'Beatles or Stones'? .

Dimitris Antonopoulos: So, it's been a long time since your last interview for my radio show (ROCKZONE /CHANNEL ONE) and you're back with a wonderful NEW album! Is there an 'inside story' about the makin' of 'Worship' really..?
Oliver Ackerman:
It was Dion and I getting together and writing whatever came naturally. We made it hard and fun and dangerous so that the record would come out with the energy we had when we first started recording. This meant recording in ovens, throwing things around, lighting things on fire and recording underwater.

D.A.: Tell me about 'You are the one', (what a song)... It's really full of raw energy, pure ATBS!

O.A.: That song was almost something completely different and then at the last minute we scrapped it and turned it into what it is today. It is about lust and lost love and making the wrong decisions in life.

D.A.: What can we expect here in Athens? Any comment for your Greek fans?

O.A.: We love Greece and so we are going to destroy the shows. The shows on this tour have been going so good I can't see why the shows won't be completely insane.

D.A.: What about your influences really? Looking back...?

O.A.: The Beatles from my parents and Minor Threat and The Dead Kennedys from my brother when growing up. When I lived in Providence bands like Lightning Bolt and Six Finger Satellite really made me see something else in music.

D.A.: Can you tell me a few words about the feeling of 'being on the road', touring, a good Rock & Roll story maybe!?

O.A.:It is a lot of hanging out real relaxed like for hours and hours and then you have a show where it doesn’t matter if you are sick, beat up or busted you make it happen. It's like a blast of speed straight to your heart. Then you feel good and like you are floating on air and then go see some of whatever city you are in hanging out with local kids. Last night I head butted a photographer, we break a lot of stuff. So we have to fix a lot of stuff on the side all of the time. There is tons of drinking and partying but sort out of boredom? Or maybe it is just because the norm becomes so crazy and different all of the time.

D.A.: Here's my classic question… Let’s say that we can be on a time machine (!) for the next 24 hours. Where would you like to go for a whole day and why...? Past or future, really?

O.A.:I have always been curious about what the future holds so I would have to say Tokyo in the year 3000. It would probably be absolutely insane and that sounds like fun. It is nice to be out of your element.

D.A.: Can you tell me 5 of your favorite albums ever?

O.A.:The Cocteau Twins – Garlands, Xinlu Supreme - Death Sentence, Dead Moon – Unknown, Passage, CobraSpa - Members Only, The Velvet Underground n Nico

D.A.: Are you workin' already for the next album? Is there a new project on the way..?

O.A.:There is and it's top secret.

D.A.: What is Rock & Roll nowadays..?

O.A.:Digital Leather

D.A.: Beatles or Stones?

O.A.: The Stones for the attitude.

D.A.:Thank you very much! See you in Athens.

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