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FM TO WEB: In the magic of 'MOON ATE THE DARK' with one of the best albums of 2012 - Interview

Today, the interview of MOON ATE THE DARK for this column brings us an amazing album, one of the 30 most important of 2012. Let's read what they told us.
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D.A.: So, first of all I am really glad about this interview. Brilliant album really! Can you tell me the MOON ATE THE DARK story so far?
C.B.: We met in a rehearsal room of the British Academy of New Music in September of 2009 and initially bonded over a shared interest in ambient music and post-rock. Early rehearsals were simply for fun, with no idea of being a band or making records, and mostly consisted of one chord for as long as possible! Last year we recorded two evenings of improvisations, which became our album and has lead to the opportunities to perform concerts and release more material.

D.A.: Theres a brilliant piece of music…'Explosions In A Four Champered Heart'. Tell me a few words about this fantastic song.
Like all of our album, the piece was improvised on the spot. So, there's nothing conceptual or pre-meditated about it. But it is one of the only pieces we have relearned to be able to perform in concert - it has a propulsive rhythm and shifting dynamics that make it one of our favourite pieces to play over and over again.

D.A.: Are you working already for a next album?
This summer we recorded two short pieces that are being released early next year on Brian Records as an 8'' vinyl called 'Molt and Grow'.  For the second full-length record we are working with a combination of written pieces and improvisations and have gently begun sketching out ideas. We will hopefully begin recording in early 2013.

D.A.: MOON ATE THE DARK…means…? Is there an inside story maybe really?
The name comes from a passage in 'The Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll' by Alfred Jarry, in which the mad Dr. Faustroll (born aged 66) takes to the sea in a sieve with a talking baboon! It is a very funny, beautifully poetic book by the controversial author and it was recommended by Nicolas Heiso Kort, our friend who took the photo insert that comes with the record. It is a huge inspiration and we really recommend you read it!
D.A.: What about your influences as musicians?
We are influenced by other people's music of course but also by films and books and theatre pieces but we try to let the influence happen by osmosis rather than intentionally doing impressions of our heroes. Our most consistent guiding light is the internal dynamic, the push and pull of ideas, the contrast and the compliment.

D.A.: Can you tell me your 5 fav albums ever?
Of all time? How about I tell you the 5 albums that are closest to my stereo right now?
A Silver Mt. Zion - 'He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms...'
Rhys Chatham - 'The Bern Project'
Kaboom Karavan - 'Barra Barra'
Miles Davis - 'Dark Magus'
Madonna - 'True Blue'
And Anna's favourite records? ... She really hates music! Hahaha.

D.A.: Your biggest ambition/hope really for the next year 2013?
We would love to tour internationally and to make a record that is better than the last one. A record that is so good it can bring experimental music to a new audience, to people who assumed it was not for them. We would also love to have a private jet, a swimming pool full of chocolate and to have a broadway musical made from our songs.

D.A.: Here’s my classic question. Let’s have a trip with a time machine (!) for the next 24 hours. So, where and why would you really like to go for a whole day? Past or future..?
Whether you prefer the past or the future probably indicates a lot about a person! Perhaps the future is more exciting, more full of possibilities. Can we only do this trip once? If so, we should learn as much as possible! So, let's go really far into the future...let's go 2012 years into the future and see what my apartment looks like then!

D.A.: Any comment for the music industry & the internet era in music?
The internet has shrunk the world. And this has been a good thing for experimental music and underground artforms in general because the relationship between an artist and their audience is no longer impacted by geography. Before the internet your audience needed to be in the same part of the world as you so that they could come to see you play concerts and they could purchase physical copies of your music. But today, we as a UK-based act are able to release records on a German record label, that music can be distributed, broadcast and sold digitally to every corner of the world and suddenly it doesn't matter so much if you don't have an audience or a support network in your home town. Because of piracy the internet has a bad reputation in the music industry but as very young artists, operating independently, far outside the mainstream and at the beginning of our careers the internet has served us very well. If we were having to build an audience the old fashioned way - by gigging around London - we'd die of exhaustion before reaching enough people to make the project viable or worthwhile.     

D.A.: Do you believe in god or maybe a cosmic kinda energy maybe? And how did that affect your music..?
Absolutely not. Our music is the product of our psychologies, our environment and the invisible movies that play in the mind's eye. Nothing more.

D.A.: What I like most about your music, is the sense that I am listening in on your own inner dialogue. There’s a great chemistry... any comment?
Thank you, that's such a nice thing to say. We don't often discuss our music or plan very much of it. When we are improvising we are sending information and ideas back and forth, at times really listening and responding to the other player and perhaps with a duo this process is more naked than if we were a large band with many players. We are not trying to hide the push and pull of ideas that happens with spontaneous music making - we want to celebrate and showcase that process, warts and all.

D.A.: Is there a chance for an ATHENS gig really? Hope to see you here soon!
There are no plans for Athens just yet, but we would love to play there! Any interested promoters should definitely feel free to get in touch! Touring plans in the next few months so far include Spain, Germany and the UK. Contact details and schedules are available from www.moonatethedark.com and by finding us on the dreaded, evil Facebook.

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