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FM TO WEB - With the angel of STILL CORNERS

Dimitris Antonopoulos writes about his conversation with Still Corners.
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Tessa Murray remembered in detail the interview of the band on my show a year ago, so there was no need for typical recommendation. No waste of time. We had a conversation full of smile, good mood and love for music, nothing more.  She was rather gentle and beautiful. She is a person that does not need to try to win you, because she already has.

We recalled a lot of stuff from the interview of STILL CORNERS, we joked about some backstage scenes (which are always interesting ... eventually ), we talked about Burt Bacharah and contemporary music scene, about 'Strange Pleasures' that brings the band of  London a step closer to its dreams and the special place that  Greece has in her heart . "It’s been a long time that I get bored of interviews, I prefer meetings like this one. Where promotion is not the main idea".  Listening to her talking about life "on the road", the romance and unpretentious dreamy atmosphere of their songs, I thought that nothing is accidental. It’s like her metamorphosis, a few minutes later when she takes the stage, in an angel who tells stories about love and summers. "No angel raises its wings" I thought..

Still Corners is one of my favorite bands lately and I really enjoyed, that not only they did not disappoint me (as anyone from the audience of Friday night at AN CLUB) but the opposite: They won a place in me forever, like one of the bands that I would like to see again and again live. Tessa Murray’s presence was ethereal, but the most important thing is the way, that balances with the persona of Greg Hughes. He was quiet and totally committed to the setting up of the soundscape of Still Corners. Greg knows how to give the "first" role in Tessa.

Yes we listened to "Endless Summer" and several of their great songs from their debut (“Creatures Of An Hour”) of 2011, but it was perfectly reasonable for them to focus on their new album. Great sound, great stage performance, great musical passages from sensibility to melodical tension, all in a rare combination. They kept "The Trip" for the encore of course. It’s the song that comes out from "Strange Pleasures". Generally the evening went smoothly. Their special song for me was “Submarine ", not because people got excited or something like that, but because it is my favorite.  "Pitchfork" which  hardly mentions new names  warmly, refers to each of their new release and that is something.  Still Corners may remind many things with their sound, but they do it in a way that is not similar to anyone else and this is not easy.
I got into the taxi and the driver started chatting on the National Team that played against Slovakia just a while ago. "I was in a live" I said, "I do not know the outcome, how was it?". "Who was playing?”, he asked.  "A band from England", I said. "I do not listen to foreign music dude", he said back. I lit a cigarette and the radio played "Ôhe Trip" after the sports news ..

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