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2nd Contest of Mix Grill and EXIT Festival 2014

Mix Grill cooperates with EXIT Festival and offers to our readers many big gifts!
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Mix Grill cooperates with EXIT Festival and offers to our readers many big gifts! In the second contest we are doing with EXIT Festival 2014, we offer you gifts, which cost more than 900 Euro!

From Monday 7th, to Wednesday 30th of April at 10 pm, we play:

- 2 VIP Tickets for all the days of EXIT Festival 2014 (VIP entrance, special VIP place in festival and VIP Main Stage) which cost 612 Euro!
- 2 Official EXIT Packages (T-shirt + tote bag),
- 2 Tickets for all the days of EXIT Festival 2014 + 2 Tickets for all the days of Sea Dance Festival 2014 which cost 300 Euro!

We will have two winners who will win the following:

- The first winner will get 2 VIP tickets for all the 4 days of EXIT and 2 Official EXIT Packages.
- The second winner will get 2 tickets for all the days of EXIT Festival 2014 and 2 tickets for all the days of Sea Dance Festival 2014.

At the moment, the line-up of EXIT has the following artists: Damon Albarn, Carl Cox vs Danny Tenaglia,  Disclosure LIVE,  Rudimental LIVE,  Skrillex, Asian Dub Foundation, Dub FX, Koven LIVE, Planetary Assault Systems Live!

EXIT All-in-one package

This year, EXIT offers a package, which costs 139 Euro (you win 20%) and has the following:

- Tickets for all the days of EXIT Festival 2014,
- Transport from Belgrade Airport to Novi Sad,
- Accomodation in EXIT Camp (You can also find Hostels 2,3 and 4 stars)


You can find in the official site of EXIT hostels with 15 Euros per day!

Participate in Contest

In order to participate in our Contest you should:

Fill your name, surname and e-mail σας in the following form and give us a like in our page in Facebook:

Do you want more participations? You can play to our on-line trivial game GLADIATORS!

As many points you will win in GLADIATORS, so many participations you will have in our Contest!

Play GLADIATORS in Facebook here!

EXIT ADVENTURE 10-17 Ιουλίου 2014
EXIT 10-13 July, Petrovaradin Fortress /// Novi Sad, Serbia
SEA DANCE FESTIVAL 15-17 July, Jaz Beach /// Budva, Montenegro
One Adventure, Two Countries, Seven Days = EXIT Adventure

SEA DANCE Festival will be the sequel of EXIT Festival. It will be done for the first time in Jazz beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro!

In Sea Dance Festival you will hear the best djs of the whole world! Check below a picture of Jazz beach. Isn't it beautiful? You can start dreaming of drinking cocktails there...

Play Gladiators here or on Facebook !

The Rules of the game

- Each Duel completes in 8 rounds. If you have completed at least 5 innings, the winner wins bonus equal to the rounds played by 2, eg 8 X 2 = 16.

- Gladiator who will win one of the great gifts, has no right to claim some of the great gifts of the next month.

- You can play any games you want every day. However, if you establish cooperation with players, ie if for example you only play with specific Gladiators, we reserve the right to delete games in whichcertified cooperation from the log files of our database. The tests will be done on a daily basis.

- If it is determined that a player has stopped before completion, over 10% of the duel that has played a total of this month, he will loose 3,000 credits from the total rating. In cases where there is an interruption due to technical problem, please inform us at info [at] mixgrill.gr.

- The Championship may associate editors and administrators Mixgrill.gr, but their grades will not be calculated and certainly will not participate in the draw for the grand winner.

The draw will be done on Saturday 3rd of May.

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