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"Neighborhood" - A short film about co-existence

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Almost a year ago, we contacted the young writer director Eleanna Santorinaiou who lives in London, with the opportunity of the screening of her film "Parson and Son" at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Today, Eleanna and her team are working on a new project and ask for our contribution via a kickstarter campaign. The project is called "Neighborhood", a short film about co-existence.

About the movie

"Neighborhood" follows Jonathan a 15-year-old boy and an amateur drug dealer over the course of the day of his first big job. He is a troubled and shy young man and being part of this gang means the world to him. Jonathan has planned everything but he hasn’t considered his lively neighbors who happen to be around. Matthew a 5-year-old little boy across the street finds Jonathan’s bag full of drugs and demands to keep them. This is where the trouble begins...

Kickstarter campaign

You can find the campaign here. It will run until the 17th of June and will be funded if it reaches the goal of £3,000.

A little more about the movie

The film is a glimpse of life in a small suburb of London. Through Jonathan's point of view, we meet two essential characters to the story. Mrs. Maple, a sweet but nosy old lady who enjoys having an opinion about everyone and Matthew a 5-year-old boy, an only-child who is desperate for some company.

An unexpected incident will change the way they look each other and interact.

Nowadays people are very closed to others minding their own business, without noticing what happens around them. With this film we are trying to make a comment on being self-involved to an extent that you don’t realize what is going on with the people next to you. The people whom, even if you don’t want to talk to them, will influence you and interfere with your life through their presence. On a second level we would like to show how a person, even those most different to you, could have a big impact on your life. The important thing is to be open to people and not make up your mind too early on.

The team of "Neighborhood"

Eleanna Santorinaiou - Writer/ Director
Nefeli Zygopoulou
- Producer
Ernesto Herrmann
- Director of Photography
Helena Trebar
- Production Designer
Peter May
- Composer
Yury Sharov
- Editor

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