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Lollapalooza Berlin presents: Der Grüne Kiez

Der Grüne Kiez (Green District) brings the sustainable community together at the Lollapalooza Festival Berlin 2015
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Der Grüne Kiez (Green District) brings the sustainable community together at the Lollapalooza Festival Berlin 2015

All Lollapalooza festivals stand for the integration and implementation of sustainable and social issues, values reflected in the sustainable theme park in which non-profit organizations and initiatives (but also small businesses and start-ups with a sustainable / social background) can present themselves.

The Grüner Kiez (Green District) in Berlin is also characterised by its interactive activity area, where festivalgoers can immerse themselves the world of the respective organisations and exhibitors and perhaps discover something new.

This year’s motto for the Grüner Kiez is: “Creating space for a green and caring society together at the festival!

This is where you can get informed, participate in workshops and activities or simply take a stroll through Grüner Kiez for some fresh insights and a look at something new. Maybe you need a little breather … come join us in the district garden, our oasis of calm where you can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a bit of time outdoors. If physical nourishment is what you’re after, try some of the vegan / vegetarian dishes we’re cooking up. 

Art enthusiasts will certainly get their money’s worth – come and see the eco-art installations for a look at what magic can be conjured from recycled materials.

Be Part of "Der Grüne Kiez"

You want take part in the Grüner Kiez and present yourself and your non-profit organisation, start-up or small business with a sustainable or socially conscious background?

Are you hard at work developing sustainable inventions, social initiatives, ideas and solutions, and want to excite and inspire others? You’re an artist, painter or sculptor with a focus on eco-art? Check out our conditions for participation and apply now using our online form!

Eco-artists are encouraged to apply by sending an informative and convincing presentation to the following address: ecoart@dergruenekiez.de

All applications must be received by 13 August 2015.
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