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Denovali News - October 2015

Denovali  Records announced the release of the new Oneirogen EP and two new albums of N.
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Denovali  Records announced the release of the new Oneirogen EP and two new albums of N.

After the Denovali Festival Essen 2015, the next festival date is on April 1st and April 2nd 2016 in BerlinFacebook event

Poppy Ackroyd and Carlos Cipa will be on tour for four weeks in Europe for four weeks. You can find the dates further below.



In anticipation of an upcoming full length album, ONEIROGEN releases the "Plenitude" EP. Over 5 songs spanning 22 minutes, "Plenitude" is a concise blast of intensity, featuring vivid contrasts between industrial noise and expansive ambient music, and a deeply personal dimension unheard on past releases.

As ONEIROGEN (o-NI-ro-jen), Mario Diaz de Leon creates his own style of hallucinatory music. The project was initiated in 2012 with the release of "Hypnos", which garnered widespread acclaim among fans of experimental and heavy music for its varied and cinematic style, merging ethereal synths, brutal distortion, dark ambient and noise. This was followed in 2013 with "Kiasma", an intensification of the doom/black metal elements present on the debut. With its precise song structures and haunting integration of melody and texture, the album's drum-less distortion went far beyond the categories of "drone" and "ambient", into a style unique to the album.

In the 2 years since the release of "Kiasma", Diaz de Leon has developed his sound through regular live appearances in the underground metal and experimental scenes of NYC. Lyrically, the songs draw from Diaz de Leon's personal experiences and spiritual work, confronting the inner crisis of a "dark night of the soul", the "shining blast" of a kundalini awakening, and an ode to the creative and destructive powers of an archetypal mother goddess. While previous releases used vocals and percussion sparingly, the tracks "Collapsing" and "Vessel" bring these elements closer to the forefront, alongside lacerating bursts of feedback and hypnotic synth riffs. The glacially expansive title track and polyrhythmic pulses of "Emergence" conclude the EP with a balance of mesmerizing stillness and pummeling aggression.

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N(41) - ROTE FUHR 12'' | DIGITAL


N is the moniker of Dortmund-based German experimental guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt. September 2015 marks the release of a new solo record and a collaboration album, N(41) „Rote Fuhr“ and N(42) + Dirk Serries „Kehr“.

"[...] The noisy, hazy drones of Kehr come in three distinct parts. Where Serries’ guitar ends and N’s drones and effects pick up is hard to say; this is immersive and effervescent stuff, like I’m drowning in fizzy water. It has some of the rawer qualities of Christian Fennesz’s guitar-laden discography, but the finished timbre and mood is something else. Whereas Fennesz’s music can feel alternatively aspirational or introspective, Kehr feels stark, intense, immediate, like an exposed nerve.

Each of the three pieces is longer than the previous one, with the third track clocking in at an impressive 21:27. In its patient unfolding and cascading, it reminds me of some of Maeror Tri’s more epic 90s material, splitting the difference between guitar noise and something more primal and emotive. The slow, sweet decay of that last act is perfection to my ears, and fans of fuzzy ambience and visceral drones will likely agree. Highly recommended." earinfluxion.com

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den013 | Coffin Dancer - Pax Romana 12'' reissue
den014 | The Coma Lilies – Memento Mori 12'' reissue
den060 | Dale Cooper Quartet - Parole De Navarre Cd | 2x12'' reissue
den110 | The Dale Cooper Quartet – Metamanoir Cd | 2x12'' reissue
den154 | Poppy Ackroyd - Escapement Cd | 12'' reissue
den171 | Greg Haines - Where We Were Cd | 2x12'' reissue
den217 | N(35) - Saarn 12''
den218 | N(36) - Heven 12''
den225 | Kuba Kapsa Ensemble - Vantdraught 10 Vol.1 Cd | 12''
den226 | Piano Interrupted - The Unifield Field Reconstructed Cd | 12''
den228 | Ah! Kosmos - Flesh Cd | 10''
den229 | Ah! Kosmos - Bastards Cd | 12''
den230 | Multicast Dynamics - Scape Cd | 12''
den231 | Multicast Dynamics - Aquatic System Cd | 2x12''
den232 | Petrels - Flailing Tomb Cd | 12''
den233 | Hidden Orchestra - Reorchestrations Cd | 12''
den234 | Mario Diaz de Leon - The Soul is the Arena Cd | 12''
den235 | Ricardo Donoso - Machine To Machine Cd | 2x12''


den237 | John Lemke - Nomad Frequencies Cd | 2x12'' | Digital
den238 | Moon Zero - S/t Cd | 12'' | Digital
den239 | Oneirogen - Plenitude Cd | 12'' | Digital
den241 | N(41) - Rote Fuhr 12'' | Digital
den242 | N(42) + Dirk Serries - Kehr 12'' | Digital
The N vinyl releases are both limited to 100 pieces


Poppy Ackroyd (uk) + Carlos Cipa (ger)

08.10.15 München (ger) - Milla
09.10.15 Winterthur (ch) - Gaswerk
10.10.15 Luzern (ch) - Südpol
11.10.15 Marostica (it) - Panic Jazz Club
12.10.15 Torino (it) - Superbudda
14.10.15 Lyon (fra) - Periscope
16.10.15 Pinswang (at) - Die Villa
17.10.15 Kaltern am See (it) - Kaltern Pop Festival
18.10.15 Bratislava (sk) - Atelier Babylon
19.10.15 Budapest (hun) - Bakelit Multi Art Center
20.10.15 Prague (cz) - Cafe V Lese
21.10.15 Olomouc (cz) - Jazz Tibet Club
22.10.15 Brno (cz) - Praha - Forum for architecture and media
23.10.15 Bamberg (ger) - Irmler Musiksaal ERBA-Campus Uni Bamberg
25.10.15 Dresden (ger) - Scheune
26.10.15 Berlin (ger) - Roter Salon
27.10.15 Rostock (ger) - Barocksaal
28.10.15 Bremen (ger) - Kito
29.10.15 Hamburg (ger) - Golem
30.10.15 Istanbul (tr) - Akbank Jazz Festival*
31.10.15 Lille (fra) - Espace Saint - Louis
* only Poppy Ackroyd
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