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Our impressions from Flow Festival 2019

A tour through the stages of the Helsinki's festival, the music that impressed us, and the images we captured.
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Flow Festival is an event that changes and redefines the experience of an urban festival. This year it gathered 83.000 visitors from the 9th to the 11th of August in the Suvilahti district area of Helsinki. All of them could reach the festival easily on foot or by bike (with a convenient parking just outside the venue). We were amazed by the variety of colours, sounds and suggestions.

Flow Festival 2019

A tour through Suvilahti

The Nordea Globe Balloon was a 360° stage where artists from all over the world performed. Among them, stood out Jonathan Wilson, folk rock singer, songwriter and producer, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Finnish eclectic (jazz, rock and electropop) musician on Saturday, and the extraordinary Turkish clarinet player Cüneyt Sepetçi on Sunday.

Flow Festivl 2019 - Mix Grill gr Cüneyt Sepetçi

Near the Nordea Globe Balloon a nice and quite area was fitted with seats and sofas nicely set up under the trees.

Exploring further the festival you could see two more stages: the dark and alluring Seat Black Tent and the astounding Lapin Kulta Red Arena.
The secluded venue of the Seat Black Tent hosted eclectic and amazing artists such as Leroy Burgess, iconic multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer with his Full Band on Friday, the Australian psychedelic rock band Pond, the cryptic Yves Tumor on Sunday, who put on a show where nothing seemed real through his hypnotic voice, revealing things and sounds through smoke and lights.
Proceeding the journey inside this urban location, in a bigger and elevated area stood the Lapin Kulta Red Arena, a red circus tent decorated with full lines of lights and colourful small flags, where national and international musicians, artists and DJs performed.

Flow Festival 2019

The first Friday’s live show was a delightful exhibition of Ville Valo (one of the founders and frontman of HIM) together with the band Agents. They presented the unrecorded songs of the pop/country Finnish singer Rauli Badding Somerjoki, creating a unique atmosphere.

Throughout the weekend you could have been infected by the energy of the Finnish hip-hop singer IBE, a contagious newcomer that would make you jump and sing along his songs. Modeselektor, who do not need any introduction, thrilled the audience with their techno music. We were impressed by Tove Lo with her introspective grunge pop, and by the celestial voice of James Blake, merged with irresistible and growing rhythms. 

Mix Grill at Flow Festival 2019 - Day 3, James Blake

Moving on through the alley, enriched by work of arts and a myriad of lighting strings, you would have encountered three smaller stages: The Resident Advisor Front Yard, the Reaktor Backyard and the Red Garden.
Resident Advisor and Reaktor were the cradle of techno, electronic and house music with DJs like Donato Dozzy, The Black Madonna, Eva Geist and Nina Kraviz.
The Red Garden was a transparent tent where everything was red, including the lights and even the dancers. There you could assist drag queens’ incredible performances.
Not only a musical event: enter the Finnkino Pop-up cinema and see live shows in the Pink Space, designed as a pink fluffy cloud.

Flow Festival 2019 - Pink Space

At the Main Stage

The Main Stage was the theatre of the biggest names in Flow’s lineup.
Friday was Erykah Badu’s night. The Grammy-winning singer lightened up the stage with her enchanting soul voice and her charismatic presence. Solange, then, fired up the crowd: a black and white atmosphere, stairs, dancers and a band contributed to magnify her powerful vocals. 

Mix Grill at Flow Festival 2019 - Day 1, 5

On Saturday Alma fired up the main stage. The Finnish popstar made her entrance from the parterre, introduced by her band and a huge writing of her new album’s title “Have you seen her?”. Her fluo hair represents perfectly her personality that erupted on stage engaging the audience. Next came Tame Impala with a show that filled people’s eyes and hearts with magic. A musical trip leading to a world of colours, sounds, sensations, creating an unforgettable and unique experience.

Mix Grill at Flow Festival 2019 - Day 2, Tame Impala 3

Weather was not as merciful as the previous days on Sunday, but Father John Misty made you forget it. He whispered his stories intensely, delivering the audience and their emotions to The Cure. For two hours and more Robert Smith and his band took on the stage with a moving performance that compelled and fulfilled their fans.

Mix Grill at Flow Festival 2019 - Day 3, The Cure 2

Flow is a unique urban boutique festival, an enthusiastic stream of creativity and surprises that becomes reality year after year. It would be a pity not to try it at least once in a lifetime.

Text: Leni Zonta
Photos: Leni Zonta and Martino Fantato
Editing and Greek translation: Orestis Kazasidis

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