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Listen exclusively the new album by Mr. Collage, Layers!

Mixgrill brings to you the latest release by Mind The Wax, stream below.
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Mr. Collage’s debut solo album “Layers” takes a traditional Hip-Hop approach, utilizing samples as well as recorded instruments. “Layers” is a sonic painting consisting of dusty vinyl memories and future plane tickets. Funky beats and basslines, afro percussions and a second-hand synth are layered to complete the musical background of the album.

Is that all? Def not! The album features some very talented artists from the USA, Australia, Spain, Greece and Belgium. The rappers Nico The Beast, S Squair Blaq, Mic Bles and 1989TRE get funky on Collage’s beats and lady MC Amira Lacrima with her mellow raps gets into a story telling. 

Soul comes strong in the album too with Lady EMZ cherishing life over a Northern Soul-inspired beat and Mantique spicing up the funkiness with her deep voice.  Not to mention vocalist Lisa Spykers adding an extra R&B/Soul vibe by joining forces with 1989TRE. 
On the wheels of steel, the IDA World Finalists - Fly Immigrants (DJ Mysterons and DJ Hypercutz) and the heavy artillery of scratching of Mind The Wax, DJ Moya take care of the scratches in the album. 

Layers will be released on vinyl by label Mind The Wax in December 2019, and includes 11 tracks.

Track List:
01. Frusciante
02. Funky As Me feat. Nico The Beast & DJ Mysterons
03. Status Quote feat. S Squair Blaq & DJ Hypercutz
04. Cruisin’ Through The City  feat. 1989TRE & Lisa Spykers
05. Blue Gardenia
06. On Fire feat. Amira Lacrima
07. Instant feat. Mantique
08. Cat With A Box feat. Lady EMZ
09. SKG Landing
10. Thrilled feat. Mic Bles & DJ Moya
11. For Sale

Mr. Collage is a Producer - DJ - Music Technologist from Greece. He keeps himself busy by DJing in various venues and DIY parties, recording and mixing live gigs and sound designing documentaries, short films and audiobooks. Mr. Collage presents also his own show called Choppin’ via Paranoise online radio station, where he shares news and music from the local Downtempo scene of Greece.

His independently released music brings the flavors of Trip-Hop, Funk and Downtempo / Lounge. He is the producer behind Mantique’s debut album, “The Game We Play”, which they have played live in various venues and festivals, sharing the stage with names like Monophonics (USA).

The album will be exclusively available for streaming until Sunday 8th December. It is released in digital platform and vinyl record on the 12th.

Pre-order the album in Bandcamp, here.

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