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Veils are being postponed for this September

  It's already been said by ody that we made a bad start  with this year's summer concerts. On the one hand Dave Gahan , on the other Franz Ferdinand , today  Loreena McKennitt  and now the Veils . Whose turn is it  now??? Come on, don't be shy ...

04/06/09 15:50

An Evening With Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan - Live @ Gagarin 205 (4/2/2009)

I Get A Kick Out Of You ...

In the dictionary of rock which I intend to write when I retire to a seaside villa (built with the profits from my unstoppable blogging), under the definition of the word cool, there will be a photograph of Mark Lanegan. In the raging electrical storm that was the Screaming Trees (there at the end of the '80s - early '90s) he was the calm at the eye of the cyclone breaking out all around him, holding on to his microphone stand at the center of the stage and delivering his lyrics with a powerful voice capable of leveling the audience.

06/02/09 17:15