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Rereleases of the personal albums of Neil Young

Reprise reissues the first four solo albums of Neil Young.
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Reprise Records has launched this year a review of the career of Neil Young.

Following the summer release of his first box set of 'Archives' series covering the career of Neil Young from 1963 to 1972, the company continues to reissue the first four solo albums of the  "godfather of grunge" on CD and 140 gram vinyl on November 23. These are the first album titled 'Neil Young' in 1968, 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere', 1969, the 'After the Gold Rush' in 1970 and 'Harvest' in 1972.

In addition to the individual versions of the album, for the most devoted friends of the Young, there will be a release of a box set containing all four albums together, in the form of a 180-gram vinyl and in 24 carat gold CDs!

These releases, limited to 3000 pieces of vinyl, 2500 of the gold CD, will only be available through Neil Young's website and the online store Because Sound Matters .

Then, again from Reprise, will be released the album 'Dreamin' Man Live 92 ', on December 8 on CD and vinyl on January 12. 'Dreamin' Man Live 92' contains solo acoustic live performances from Young of all the songs of ' Harvest Moon ' in 1992.


Neil Young - Harvest Moon (live)

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