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Listen to the whole new album by Neil Young: Le Noise

A music critic wrote that the new album by the Neil Young "Le Noise" is unlistenable! Can Neil Young release a bad album?
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A music critic wrote last month that the new album by the great Neil Young "Le Noise", a collaboration with Daniel Lanois, is unlistenable!

It was such an intense comment, that it essentially functioned as the best advertising for the album.

Neil Young release a bad album?

As I read in the very interesting review by Alexis Petridis at the Guardian , the" Le Noise "
demands more effort than some listeners might be willing to put in, but at its best, it repays that effort pretty handsomely. In that sense at least, it pretty much sums up Neil Young's entire career."

You can draw your own conclusions ladies and gentlemen. The only sure thing is that after listening to the album 2-3 times I've made several trips back to older albums by Young.

Listen to the whole "Le Noise" here .

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