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The night of the Stranglers

The Stranglers left us quite amazed after their gig last Friday held in Fuzz, Athens.
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Nobody complained about the venue and about the fact that it was loaded, nobody complained about the songs that were not heard and the money spent to see this particular concert.

The Stranglers have returned to Greece to gave the audience exactly what it wanted. A unique show with all their successes, when by the middle of the concert they had already performed Always the Sun and the Golden Brown , with 2 encores and a band that seemed to respect the public and its history. They went on stage around 22.10 and played a little less than 2 hours non stop and making references to George Bush but also about the "Rodon" and what a nice the place it was.

The truth is that once they went on stage they surprised us by the greeting of JJ Burnel in Greek, but soon enough the atmosphere got hot. The Greek public was caught again as we were only familiar with the sound of well-known successes. Those who pushed to get ahead, probably were not such fans of the band. Beside me in the middle of the area, were the real fans. A group of 50yearolds that did not stop to dance and sing, and when they heard the JJ refer to Rock in Athens in 1985, commented on how memorable was that evening.

Absent was Jet Black who has problems with his health lately, but the man who replaced Ian Barnard showed that the last 8 years taught him many things and he deserves his position.

The evening ended with No More Heroes and me thinking if it were possible to reach Thessaloniki-until the next show the following night- to go up for a repeat.