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Who will win this championship?

Get in the arena and fight! an iPod Touch and 2 tickets to the U2 concert at Olympic Stadium-Athens Greece, are waiting for the winner! Withstand the challenge? The league of February begins on Monday 01/02.
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Get on the arena and fight! an iPod Touch and 2 tickets for the concert
of U2 await the winner in the Olympic Stadium of Athens, Greece! Withstand the challenge? The league of February begins on Monday 01/02.

From last June until today, thousands of "combats" have taken place on the arena of Mix Grill. Many of our friends tried their knowledge, but also got to know each other in a different game, which, if nothing else, follows in the footsteps of our time, the Social Media Networking.

Over 7 months, many of your points are taken into account and we will show in a few days the changes when we present the Second Edition of  the game.

But what is the most significant change in the B version of "Gladiators"?

- The Monthly Championship?
- Or is it the presents for the first two winners?

It is both, along with other few changes which we hope to compose a quick and fun game for everyone!

Let's be more specific now:

- every month there will be a separate championship of Gladiators with different gifts. This can be played by all our readers, without any subscription, without any cost! Every time you play you earn some points. They will be added to your total score for each month. Thus, the more you play, the more you are likely to claim the prizes.

U2 But what are the prizes for the Championship in February?

- An iPod Touch 8GB .

2 tickets for the concert of U2 on September 3 in the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

The winner chooses which of the two he/she wants and the second winner gets what is left.

Even without revealing more details, we let you know that the first prize of the next tournament will be European trip to a city + ticket to a well known Music Festival !!!

iPod Touch 8GB

iPodTouch Simply select with your finger the music album you want to hear and the photos you want to see. The new iPod touch 8GB version also includes built-in speaker and groundbreaking technologies such as Multi-Touch display, accelerometer and 3D graphics and delivers a unique entertainment experience and play.

Navigate wirelessly via WiFi (802.11b / g) to websites and download music directly from the iTunes Store. Read your email, see Google Maps, or Mix Grill.

The iPod touch uses the same multi-touch screen with iPhone (3.5 inch screen).

Around 1750 songs, 10,000 photos or 10 hours of video can fit in 115 grams of innovation. While the lithium ion battery that has a duration of up to 30 hours music or 6 hours video.

All details on the new version of "Gladiators" in our new article next Monday. For now, let's start the workout ...

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