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D. Antonopoulos remembers a recent very special moment of Savage Republic, shortly before their appearance in Athens. The end of a great band ...
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Here we go ... January 2010, four days before the live performance of SAVAGE REPUBLIC in Athens .. and Live is nowhere to be found .... anything that could go wrong has and the legendary band from Los Angeles feels kind of lost .. THOM FUHRMANN beyond group leader, etc, is also (and above all * ) a real good personal friend.

The situation almost dramatic, for one simple reason. This is the last tour, which few people knew. I did, he did and  a few close friends did. It was something very special for him (the decision to close this chapter after almost three decades *) and so chose not to share it even with the  rest of Savage Republic (!) Before the END of the tour ..

THOMFUHRMANN(SAVAGEREPUBLIC)Last tour in Europe, without Athens? we could not live with it ...

The solution finally came from the good angel of the band (she knows who she is *) MINIMUM 24 hours before the Live, a Live  'saved' at 90 ', literally during delays! We skip the wonderful gift, playing for the first time in concert from 1988, the Divine 'When all else fails', to go to the previous night, a day before the concert, Wednesday evening, on the radio.

  Amazing feeling, incredible stories off the record (for SONIC YOUTH, DURUTTI COLUMN, CRAMPS and many many more ..) and generally a really nice atmosphere. This, I think, came out 'ON AIR', because the show ran very quickly and the SAVAGE REPUBLIC enjoyed it as much as I did . 'The radio is a unique instrument Dimitri .. almost magical .. ' said ALLAN WADDINGTON (one of the best drummers I have ever seen live) at the end of the broadcast and somehow so happy, we were ready to embark on 'Stavros tou  Notou' hoping we would manage to see and hear even a half hour from the amazing things that are happening there every Wednesday (until the end of Spring!) in INDIE BANDS FESTIVAL. 'We are ready Thom? Going away' .. Seconds before I finish my sentence, I realized that we were not... He asked me 5 minutes to speak with the band .. so I left them alone for a little discreet, understanding very well what it was that he wanted to tell them one evening before the start of their European tour in Athens ...

I went in foSavageRepublicr a little in the production studio and I was there to pry consoles and microphones for something more than five minutes .. behind the glass, the curtain on a major underground band of the past 30 years had started to close and I think that was probably the best time to do so .. Thus, spontaneously and unexpectedly a few hours before they were found on stage.

I am sure that their new project (without Ethan Port) and with a new name has many important shots .. I am also sure that there is a lot to wait for in the future.. I want to write what Thom Fuhrmann told me, when we headed off for the Indie bands festival .. of what the name SAVAGE REPUBLIC meant for him too.. But I will not .. Whoever was the next night at AN CLUB can understand ....

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