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FM to WEB: Thom Fuhrmann (SAVAGE REPUBLIC) - European Tour

Thom Fuhrmann remembers their recent European tour and writes exclusively for this column!
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The new album from the great Savage Republic is actually a gift to their Greek fans! That’s something… Today, the frontman of the Los Angeles band remembers their recent European tour and writes exclusively for this column! We will be here until the 28thh of May and then we will be back on September (as always) renewed and fresh! If something special (…) comes up during summertime there will be a new article.

Thom Fuhrmann

I went on my first European tour with Savage Republic in the fall of 1987. I was only 24 years old, didn't have an idea what I was getting into! We were sloppy and loose but had a lot of energy.

Since that tour, I've had the great fortune to go on eight more European tours including the recently concluded tour last month.

Twelve shows in twelve days in 6 countries. It's such a gift to still be doing this at my age, but more importantly, it's incredible to be playing with the bandmates I now have and to play as well as we do now.

I relish the challenge of mixing old and new material, trying to keep it fresh for us, but still honour the legacy of my former bandmates that came before.
Now that I've recently turned 50, I often reflect back on the "old days", but I wouldn't trade this line-up or these times for anything.

If it was our last tour, we went out in style. If there is more to come? I know that we will deliver with power and grace.

I love the material that we have already recorded for "Aegean" and I honestly think that this may be the year we finally release it. Maybe we will see our Greek friends one more time?

"Viva La Rock n' Roll"!  

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