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Let it be turns 40

May 8th 1970 and the most popular band released  "Let it Be", which was its swan song.
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Forty years ago, our favorite band from Liverpool  released its last album united under the historic name Beatles. Its title: Let it Be.

The background and gossip for this album reaches the legend, just like themselves the Beatles. The initial thought was to be named Get Back and be the penultimate before demolition and last would be the Abbey Road. Phil Spector remixed songs by former Get Back, named it Let it Be and released it in May 8th in 1970, something that Paul McCartney has not ever endorsed. The title Let it Be says it largely about the members' will as far as the future of the group which was none other than this of the division. We should note here that the Beatles had announced their dissolution before May 8.

Along with the album a homonymous documentary film was shot with the rehearsals and recordings of Let it Be, which was never released on DVD, perhaps because it shows a strong resentment and intensity between members during this period. A characteristic fact is that George Harrison after a heated row with John Lennon and Paul McCartney, he left rehearsals and returned several days later. The result was the movie not showing how the album was created but the reasons and the way to the Beatles' dissolution.

Despite its internal conflicts and tensions, the album won the 86th place among the 500 best albums of all time in Rolling Stone's list. Not accidentally, since apart from Let it be it included other hits such as amazing Across the Universe, Get back and The Long and Winding Road .

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