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Rockwave 2010 Day 1: Black Eyed Peas

Overall it was a relatively well done show, with moments that stand out and gaps, which could have been avoided.
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Who : The Black Eyed Peas
Where: the Terra Vibe
Organization: Fine
Sound : Good
World : Perhaps the least that I've seen in Rockwave Festival. There were people but not like the old days ...
started : at 10:04 PM
We said goodbye : at 11:30 PM
Some of the songs played :

Intro - Let's get it started ( video ),
Rock your body ,
Meet me halfway,
Imma be,

Shut up,
Don't lie,
Where is the love ( video ),
Big girls don't cry ,

Pump it ,
Boom Boom Pow ( video ),
I gotta feeling ( video )


  We said a few hours ago how dynamic while uplifting was the set of Faithless. I wonder if it how were the headliners of the evening? In general it was a well done show, with moments that stood out and gaps, that could be avoided. I think it was generally a moderate to good performance without exceeding the live performance of the "infidel".

22.04 : The beginning of Black Eyed Peas was the Let's get it started, as they are accustomed to in recent concerts. Several dynamic pieces, and likewise, the Rock your body. Indeed, the last one was nice danced by guys who were dressed in speakers.

The very likeable Meet me halfway with Will I Am and impressive Fergie was one of the highlights of the evening. The audience rose slowly, slowly, but nothing like before with the Faithless. The music was becoming more R'n'B and I do not think the audience of Rockwave is accustomed to such rythms. I do not know, but the reactions from the people gave me the feeling that the crowd was divided in the pop and the rock preferences. Indeed, this showed in the appearance of Faithless, where the band relatively easily won both - say - trends.


Shut Up, Don't Lie, Fergalicious and Big girls don't cry with the sexy Fergie in high spirits. Shortly beforehand, however, had the second great moment in my opinion. The implementation of " Where is the love " was super and the end when the lights went out and people had opened their whistles of Jose Cuervo, which had LED that was flashing and created a beautiful image (see below video).

Then the band left except from Will I am who went on the decks playing a dj set with lots of famous songs (Song 2, Smells like teen spirit, Jump around, etc.). The set lasted twenty minutes. Perfect changes in the set (couldn't be otherwise), but I would say that it was not needed. I would prefer to continue to see their songs live to a very good and uplifting dj set. Tastes may be, go figure ...


23.30 : The show ends and the Black Eyed Peas close with 'I gotta feeling', and to "Happy birthday" for the birthday of one of their dancers. We expected encore, but ...

To be continued tomorrow and the day after tomorrow with the schedule below. Mix Grill will be there both days and will bring you live its impressions.



Fatboy Slim 21:45-23:30
The Ting Tings 20:20-21:20
White Lies 18:00-19:00
Bees 16:45-17:30


DJ Shadow 20:30-21:30
Garcia Plays Kyuss 19:00-20:00
Dear Darkstar 16:00-16:45



SKA-P 23:15-00:30
The TerraVibe Park is transformed into a lush green football 21:30-23:00
Massive Attack 19:30-21:00
Peyoti For President 17:00-18:00


Gogol Bordello 20: 30-21:45
John Angelakas 3 18:00-19:15
Ska Bangies 16:00-16:45

Doors Open 15: 30.

Black Eyed Peas Live - Videos

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