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Cranberries @ Vrahon Theater: Dolores in her element

The main difference between «solo» and Cranberries Dolores was the frontwoman herself. In good spirits, more rock, more "in her element".
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Who : The Cranberries
Where : Vrahon Theater
Production : Fine
Sound : Good
Crowd : Filled the theater.
Started : at 9:47 PM
Told us goodnight : at 11:16 PM
What they played :

1. Analyse
2. Animal Instinct
3. How
4. Dreaming my dreams
5. Linger
6. Wanted
7. Just My Imagination
8. When You're Gone
9. Switch Off the Moment
10. Desperate Andy
11. Time Is Ticking Out
12. I Can't Be With You
13. Ode to My Family
14. Free To Decide
15. Salvation
16. Ridiculous Thoughts
17. Zombie

Encore (at 10:56 PM):
18. Shattered
19. Still Can't Recognize the Way I Feel
20. Promises
21. Dreams


Warm up for Cranberries was from one of the best new Greek bands, Rosebleed. The appearance by Rosebleed was once again quite good. I've seen the band five times and if there are two new things I want to comment on is that it gives me the impression that in some details the band appears more mature and tight. Moreover, they played two new songs at the end of their set. "Anarchy" did not impress me, but "Libertine" is very good with calm authority and explosive finish. " We are coming, keep runing ...". Listen to it bellow:

At 9 they completed their appearance and the theater was already full. The good news was that even though it was a sold out concert, there were no surplus tickets and we were not on top of each other.


9:47 PM : Lights out and for two minutes an instrumental song was playing till Noel Anthony Hogan, Michael Gerard Hogan, Fergal Patrick Lawler and last Dolores O' Riordan came out on stage. As we wrote two days ago, the Cranberries had their best run 16 to 17 years ago and our choice to see them live was more for historical reasons, than to see something new. Besides we still don't know if they will proceed to create a new album.

The set of the night was like that of Bad Religion and Faith No More a day earlier, a Best Of their songs. About all their famous songs heard. I liked that people sang and participated not only in "Zombie", "Ode to my family","Linger","Dreams","Promises","Salvation", but also the less known "I can't be with you","Time is ticking out", "Desperate Andy", "How" (not with the same intensity though) .


What was different about yesterday evening than the previous appearance by Dolores O Riordan 3 years ago in Athens?

We would be excessive if we made a comment about the sound and the performance of the songs. The only difference was the extraordinary appearance of the guitarist of the band Noel Hogan who rocked in the solos of Salvation, Promises and others. The truth is, however, that the impressive and theatrical at the same time presence of Dolores covered the rest of the "Cranberries."

The main difference between «solo» and Cranberries Dolores was the frontwoman herself. In good spirits, more rock, more "in her element". The name Cranberries and the 20 year history was more supportive than her solo album she had to promote with a unique hit (for the Greek public at least) Ordinary Day, which incidentally was not performed yesterday. She has more fun with the rest of the group and, consequently, so do we that have seen another series of a dissolution - reunion of a group with happy ending.

If we take into account the sold out and the reaction of the crowd, be certain that they'll be here next year. Furthermore there is no room for "risks" like Arcade Fire for companies organizing concerts.

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