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On 20 November Monochrome Set in Athens

They influenced more than any other band the SMITHS and dozens other top names. What's worthy, is that (believe me..) this band is still dangerously 'ideal' even today. Date set on November 20.
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1982 and the steps take me to the legendary (concert-wise) at the time Sporting for the first time ... I'm so little that it bothers me (I remember it...) the smoke from the guy's cigarette next to me... The first times are written deeply within us always, every detail, every moment is special...

It all looks intense and on the edge the first times ALWAYS... I guess it is ...  Monochrome Set was (is) the first band I ever saw on stage, on a stage that in my teenage eyes seemed made just for Bid and his friends that night. The
also amazing Passage followed that night, but today we are talking about  MONOCHROME SET.

MonochromeSet@Sporting From that live I held on to so many things... But one thing was probably the most important the special CHARACTER of the band, a package with their own very special sound. OK I already had had in my hands their album and singles ('Hes Frank' was my first ever...) but everything was 'playing' on stage. Where the legend either is lost and vanishes, or becomes a demon that grabs you once and for all...

It is my pleasure therefore that we will see them again in Athens almost three decades later... (and with them the legendary Lester Square of course...) in the coming November in 'Miga'... Few days after (October 18) their appearance on the UNIQUE radio show of Marc Riley on BBC 6. I do not know whether they'll play 'Jet set junta' there, but I know that when I asked Bid a few years ago, 'how on earth after so many Peel sessions made, they did NOT ever recorded it AT LEAST in a...' He gave me the best 'answer' a few days later when he was a guest on my show (listen below) and for that I thank him...


They influenced more than any other band the SMITHS -
the story is known about the first meeting of Marr - Morrissey/check here - and dozens other top names... These are more or less known... What's worthy, is that (believe me..) this band is still dangerously 'ideal' even today...

Date set on November 20...

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