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Monochrome Set: We decided to make our new album "rough/live"

A few days ago, Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Bid, the frontman of legendary Monochrome Set.
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A few days ago, Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Bid, the frontman of legendary Monochrome Set. The London based band has a new album this year ("Platinum Coils"). It's their 12th album and the first album, after "Trinity Road" of 1995.

Dimitris Antonopoulos: First of all it’s always a privilege Bid. So, you're back with a NEW Monochrome Set album! What a brilliant album by the way! So let us know some 'inside stories' about the makin' of 'PLATINUM COILS'...
Bid: We decided to make it "rough/live", by using a live studio for the bass and drums and a small studio for the rest, both in Brixton. We didn't want it to have a "slick" sound- some people don't like that, but I think it's very personal.

DA: How do you feel really being on tour with the MONOCHROME SET, promoting a new album this time? After so many years!
Bid: It's great- we have so much fun, laughing all the time. It's been tough, so many gigs for us in one month, but we managed it very well. Been great to meet old fans and friends. "I haven't seen you in 30 years! I'm your biggest fan!" Now I know why we never got anywhere!

DA: I was listenin' your BBC session the other day! Just fantastic! Do you really enjoy being 'on air' Bid? What do you think about the radio nowdays..?
Bid: Radio will always be there. It's instant- makes people feel good. There's no bullshit either- if they like the music they play it, and if not, they don't. There's no intellectual analysis by screwed-up people trying to write like Steinbeck- it's just music, and it speaks for itself.

DA: What about 'They Call Me Silence' from your latest album..?My fav... Any details? That song is about...
Bid: Well, I do have some brain damage- it seems to be in my "language centre". When I get very tired or stressed, I tend to start to slur my speech. When I was writing last year, it was very intensive, and really tired me out. One evening, during writing, I was in my kitchen making tea, and saw my basil plant and realized I didn't know what it was called. Then I realized I had no words in my head at all- nothing. I knew what everything was, but had no words, and so I couldn't make the links to other things in my head, in my "library of knowledge". It was interesting. When this happens, it only lasts for about 10 minutes.
DA: Is there a chance for another ATHENS gig?
Bid: Well, of course, we'd like that very much, but it's the decision of other people...

DA: What records or maybe artists and bands are you listenin' @ the moment Bid..?
Bid: You know, I don't listen to a lot of music, especially when I've done a lot of work with the band... I like to sit in the garden and listen to birds...
Da: I was talkin' to Marky Ramone about THE RAMONES! He’s comin' to Athens for a gig. What a band! The whole CBGH scene if you wish, with TELEVISION,TALKING HEADS,etc! Who’s your fav artist (or a band maybe..) from the British Punk Rock scene, looking back @ the seventies..?
Bid: Ahh, you know, I preferred the US scene...liked the first Blondie album. I just didn't listen to much music from other bands...it's the truth...! I spent all my time with the band, writing and playing.
DA: What about a cover version for the next MONOCHROME SET album..? Is there something of your mind? Can you tell us some of your fav songs ever maybe Bid?
Bid: Well, we don't really do cover versions, we write originals that other people cover, haha. My fav songs ever...?! Oh, my.
Most Jacques Brel
Most early Lou Reed
Most early Alice Cooper
"I Walk On Guilded Splinters", Dr John (listening to it now...!...ok, I do listen to music, haha)
...I just saw my music folder...it's too big to list!
DA: Is there some undereleased outtakes from early days of the MONOCHROME SET..?Hope so...!!
Bid: Yes, but we'll never release them...
DA: Your memories from Greece Bid?
Bid: Well, I only know Athens, and also once went to Thessaloniki. I love these cities, but I'm very sad for Greece. You get ripped off by everyone. Such nice people,  such a relaxed place, but now so many young people with no future.
DA: We're under some really tough times here, as you'll already know I guess.. Economy crisis, etc..What’s your point of you really about the future of Europe..?
Bid: Capitalism isn't so good when it's so global. So, now things get made in China to save money, and get sold to...workers in Europe who just got sacked? It doesn't work, does it? When people start to starve, they will have nothing to lose.
DΑ: How on earth can you still be so inspired and great as a songwriter after so many years..?
Bid: I don't know if I'm any good- it's not for me to say. But, I like what I write...
DA: And for the end...Your memories from PRIMAVERA last year? It’s a great festival for sure!!
Bid: It is a great festival, but festivals aren't so great for bands- there's more people, but much less personal communication. Well, I guess it's ok if you're a band who doesn't have much to say.
I liked the backstage- it was next to the sea. The people who worked there are really nice.

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