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Muse live @ Wembley : Our impressions

Our correspondent London, Perakakis Costas,  presents his impressions from the recent concert of Muse at Wembley Stadium on Friday 10/09.
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Date : 10/09/2010
Concert held : Wembley Stadium
District : London. UK
Number of Songs : 23
Support : Lily Allen, The Big Pink, White Rabbits

Set list
1. Uprising
2. ; Supermassive Black Hole
3. New Born + Township Rebellion riff
4. Neutron Star Collision
5. Glastonbury 2004 intro + Butterflies & Hurricanes
6. Guiding Light
7. Interlude + Hysteria
8. Nishe
9. United States of Eurasia
10. I Belong to You
11. ; Feeling Good
12. MK Jam
13. Undisclosed Desires
14. Adagio in G minor + Resistance
15. Starlight
16. House of the Rising Sun riff + Time Is Running Out + Power of Soul riff
17. Unnatural Selection

Encore 1
18. ; Soldier's Poem
19. Exogenesis: Symphony Part I: Overture
20. Stockholm Syndrome

Encore 2

21. Take a Bow
22. Plug In Baby
23. Knights of Cydonia

Our correspondent in London, Perakakis Costas, presents us his impressions from the recent concert of Muse at Wembley Stadium on Friday, 10/09.

- tell us first what did you think about support groups before the Muse?

There were 2 support groups and Lily Allen. It started with White Rabbits who seemed rather indifferent. The baton was taken by a little more upbeat The Big Pink with electro-rock sound. Finally, Lily Allen appeared  who was quite well received by the public. Let's not forget that she is quite dear in England. As a matter of face, she gladly announced that she is pregnant ... In one of her songs appeared the famous British rapper Professor Green and they sang 2 songs together. Generally all the support acts, they played about 30-45 minutes each.

Muse - was Wembley full of people? Do you have any feeling about the number of tickets?

It was packed with people, only a few rows behind the stage were sealed and some on the other side of the stadium were empty. I do not know exactly how many people were there, but personally it is the most people I've seen at any event. I reckon that there must have been over 70,000. Worth mentioning that the 2 consecutive days were sold out. Generally people were very warm, participated in singing and dancing nonstop. Of course I was in the arena where one could find the fans of the band.

- What time did Muse began  and how many hours took their set?

The Muse started at 20.45 and ended at around 23.00. It was 2 hours and 15 munites.


- The start was impressive, as you said. Some details about it?

At first the stage was filled with people holding different flags and banners placed on 2 ends of the stage by writing verses from the Uprising which began (They will not control us, We will be victorious). The banner also screened at the top of the tent, which functioned as a screen.

- The sound was good?

The sound was generally very good, except the time they played the support groups where there was an echo. Sure it might be justified by the fact that this time the stadium was still empty and only on the arena people had gathered. As long as Muse were playing it was very good. A comment I've  made for the concert in Tera vibe is that Bellamy's voice on several songs was very low at a point covered by the instruments. Especially in Time is Running Out, his voice had been overcome from the world that were singing.

- What did you think overall of the set list? some songs that stood out?

It seemed pretty complete and balanced from the old to the new ones. I expected to hear some songs from Showbiz personally, since it is my favorite album, but I was not lucky. I generally liked it that they were not stuck to the cd version but they added new elements such as solos, etc. It was very nice the execution of Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1: Overture with all the show that came with it. Equally uplifting were the Hysteria and Knights of Cydonia that at the end made everyone singing  all the way to the subway  No one's gonna take me alive, Time has come to make things right, You and I must fight for our rights, You and I must fight to survive!

- Did they played new songs?

not played songs we had not heard before. The Neutron Star Collision from the soundtrack of the Eclipse was the newest and of course they played many from the Resistance.

- The response of the world?

As I wrote before people were very warm and participated in all songs and at the support groups.

Muse - Some notable events from the whole evening, if any?

Sometime during Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture in the first encore, appeared a flying saucer behind the scene who came to the center of the arena. Just when the guitar got on track, it opened from the bottom and a girl, along with several hung papers was doing some acrobatics. At the end of the song it all return behind the scene.

Still, some
now between 2 songs, the Bellamy began playing guitar import from House of the Rising Sun , which have adapt some might think. People started to sing until got the next piece.

Another nice moment was when, for 3-4 pieces, the three were in a small circular stage that was separate from the center, which was moving to the center of the arena, climbed up and at the same time
rotated. In the intervals between the support, the screen court said that the first world tour with augmented reality which I didn't manage to understand what was all about.

Here I must say that Bellamy, started with a guitar like Jimmy Page after the end of the main part of the concert got little jealous of Cobain tossing it from one side of the stage to another. A final highlight of the show was
Bellamy's  jacket  that he wore in the second encore. There had flashing lights on like bars of hifi, throughout the duration of the song (the second encore) and wore glasses with blue Lents in the all of it.

Costa thanks and continue keeping us informed for musical events in the not so distant London ...

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